Waves of Negativity – a poem

Waves of Negativity


Waves of negativity

Destructively weaving

Their intended meanness;

Childishly searching

For any cause to criticise;

Arrogantly spouting

Pedantic nonsense

In a puerile stream of

Vitriolic stupidity

Under many aliases

But with one voice.


Opher 22.8.2018



Let the children play. A while ago I upset someone by challenging their racism and not agreeing with their right-wing take on Brexit and Trump. Their agenda was one of extreme Islamophobia.

Since then I have been subjected to batches of vitriolic nastiness. Under different aliases they come out with the same nonsense, arrogant put-downs and nastiness.

The interesting thing is that these people, or this person, always replies from the same place while purporting to come from all over the world, always has the same profile, same likes and dislikes, the same knowledge set, the same streak of personal abuse and the same obnoxious views.

Every post I make clogs up my spam box with a thousand posts.

I guess that goes with the nature of blogging. Intelligent debate is a rarity. Abuse is the norm.

Let the children play. But one has to ask what motivates people like this?

23 thoughts on “Waves of Negativity – a poem

  1. I think I can remember more about that than you seemingly can.
    Let’s get one thing clear immediately – there was nothing of the kind expressed about any “Their agenda was one of extreme Islamophobia.” That is complete lies and you are being a disgusting false fork-tongued snake liar for saying that. I challenge you to name the name you accredit such towards. You would not be doing that because you are a coward. It is only cowards who hand out the Islamophobe name.
    What is right-wing about Brexit? You silly man, it’s being RUN by extreme right-wing and that’s why we’re leaving! Duh!
    It is YOU who has made post after post about his Anti-Islam views, it is YOU who makes his thoughts on Islam very clear and it is YOU who cannot tolerate any other persons views. Every time you come across anybody who knows anything you crumble into a pile and resort to handing out insults. You have every single trait of the sort of people our society is now getting to grips with hating. We hate these people’s liberal stupidity. We hate these people’s hatred towards intellectualism. You seem to have a hatred towards intellectualism. Maybe you are jealous that you do nor possess the wide range ability to think like these people and you are extremely uncomfortable in their company, so to speak. You do not seem to be able to hold your own with them and too often you resort into childish silliness as you did just the other day on a topic of US government corruption and for example, the highly questionable events surrounding 9/11. And you said something about cheese on the moon and flat earth and every single of morsel of intellectual debate went careering down the plug hole.
    That was exceptional and you must feel ever so proud of yourself over that.
    You claim that people have the same knowledge set. Is that a revelation to you that some people out there are switched on to what’s going on? And that they know a heck of a lot more than you do? By jingo – you have a million miles to make up before you could even consider yourself fit to stand in the same intellectual room as some of these people. Sometimes reading this blog is like Christopher Hitchens talking to Shrek, and there’s no bets on who is who.
    And you end your tirade of complaint that “Intelligent debate is a rarity.” You must be joking, surely? Let me say this – yes it is when the other half says “cheese on the moon and flat earth”. “Intelligent debate is a rarity” – that’s a bonzer, I’ll certainly remember that.

  2. Any minute now I am going to wake up and believe that I did not just read a statement that read “intelligent debate is a rarity”. No, it happened, it’s perfectly true.

    Opher man, seriously speaking, are you taking the piss?
    Christ how I tried. I did my damnedest with trying to engage in debate.
    Sadly, I fear your are one smidgen short of a Y chromasome having lost your balls and any modicum of ability to think for yourself.
    Has is ever occurred to you why so you have a problem with so many people?
    Has it never occurred to you who might actually be the cause of this problem?

  3. Opher, all comedy aside with your above claims of intelligent debate, as I said before, anybody who is getting thousands of posts dumped into their spam box is getting them from a server and not an individual.
    You MUST have visited sites that are full of spamming spyware. Russian porn sites are a known miscreant with this problem. DO NOT go to them.
    Opher, go and find out some more about IT and sort out your limitations of knowledge.
    As for the analysis on who you think is what – have a look at YouTube and see if you can tell one from another on there. You’re only kidding yourself on with deluded paranoia. I see NOTHING of any kind of evidence that you are being spammed on this blog. Everybody uses the same language. Or almost. Most people use a conversational style of communication. It is not the writing of a technical manual. You are absolutely bound to see similarity between one and the other. Why, because we are all talking about the same thing at the same time. We paraphrase one another without thinking. We repeat what we just read without thinking. We do a lot of things that are so similar to each other. You have spent far too many years in solitary and not being in online debate, you don’t know how to go about it and take every comment that defeats any of your own to be personal. Blocking an idea or a belief that is not a personal entity is therefore not a personal attack on you. But you cannot seem to separate one from the other. That’s your problem but you’re blind to it.
    And look around you man, it’s friggin’ empty? And that’s ALL of your doing.

  4. You are using a WordPress based programme. It’s not nearly sophisticated enough to give you profile details relating to location. It’s not designed to merely being just a publishing mechanism with an out-going and an in-coming function. You’d be needing your own server if you wanted to capture that kind of location of traffic information. All your server can tell you is that it’s getting an incoming message from UK, because that message has been received at a server in UK. That message has nowhere else to go but your server in UK because that’s where your server is located – if that makes any sense. You could sign up to use a server in Honolulu if you wanted. It would probably cost you more. But then you have the problem of where other people are also using remote servers. Many do. You’d still have the very same problem.
    Somewhere around £10,000 investment should do it and you could be up and running independently with detailed analysis reports on all in-coming mail.

  5. Sometimes the one voice can be the loudest of all. I think it’s got to do with the quality of content of what they have to say rather than the brash loudness of their voice.

    Take Tommy Robinson, who has been much maligned by mealy-mouthed and weak-minded people, many of whom regard themselves as fully fledged intelligent adults.
    After years of slandering from the BBC with accusations of being a Racist, they have now finally stated that he was right all along. His sterling work of outing the extremities of revolting Islamic hate speech emitting from Didsbury Mosque in Manchester has finally been acknowledged. The bravery of the man is unquestionable.

    In retrospect it would be rather difficult not to, considering a further 31 Muslim men were imprisoned last week, to add to the previous 30 and all from the very same town. This fact may somewhat flag up for those that are very slow off the mark with this and still playing catch up that the problem is huge. We have as yet to receive any information as to the charges due to be raised against a great number of people employed within this town council, but needless to say that their local Labour Party representative will be inundated with applications. We can only best assume that those chosen to refill these posts will be qualified as opposed to having a relative who works in car parking controls.

    These same people may also wish to familiarise themselves with the good works of Sir Mark Rowley, Chief Superintendent in command of the West Surrey Basic Command Unit. He was knighted earlier this year for services to the establishment and authorities for keeping any snooping snoops from getting too close to causing trouble for the conglomerate committee of paedophiles that masquerade in the corridors of power. Congratulations to that man for services beyond the call of duty.

  6. OMG, Opher! Look at all the trolls who came out of the woodwork to attack you on this post! As you suggest, it’s probably just one. They wouldn’t know an intelligent discussion from a hole in the ground. All they know is… attack! Attack! Attack!

    1. Hi John – good to hear from a sane voice. Yes there is a nasty attempt to undermine my blog with pedantises and personal abuse. It’s a typical right-wing response. I think they are trying to frighten off my usual commenters so thanks for commenting.

      1. What personal abuse? Sane? – you have a man using the OMG? What is sane about that?
        It seems that the left-wing prefers to keep the Islamic preachers of hate and Muslim child rapists safe from harm. Evidently most persons affiliated with paedophile activities are left-wing.

      2. Isobel – you talk shit. Why would I want to protect preachers of hate and child rapists? Totally absurd and ridiculously provocative and extreme. What a silly thing to say. Now a slur of paedophilia against left-wing people. Stupid, nasty and childish. I think you should take your extreme right-wing views elsewhere. Your nastiness is causing too much of a stink around here. Try fascist weekly.

      3. For the simple reason that ALL the people involved with the protection and security of children that have been harmed and raped multiple times by gangs of Muslim rapists, have in fact been working for Labour led left-wing county councils. These same people were those that decided it best not to make waves for fear of being outed as Racists. In doing so with such active intent these Labour left-wing councils were conclusively protecting those deeply involved with paedophilia. What part of that equation do you not understand.
        My views are certainly nothing of the sort of right-wing. What they are in fact is absolute objection to liberalist diversity at its worst. You leftist mentality people are the root of all our social upheaval problems of today and it’s thankfully coming around full circle where the vast majority of people in this country have had quite enough of you and determined to see an end to it. It starts with Brexit and moves on from there. The leftist diversity is finished.

      4. Isobel – have you stopped to think that it might be something to do with the areas these people live in? You don’t get a lot of Asians in leafy shires do you?
        Those girls were let down by social services and the police. Though the evidence is that social services tried to get action taken but it was the police who refused to act. The prevailing view was that these girls were sluts who were making their own choices. I hardly think the police are left-wing – far from it. They just did not care about a bunch of antisocial, awkward, troublesome girls and they should have done.

        You are putting a right-wing spin on things and going to extremes.

    2. John, you of course are a cornucopia of intellect. I have never seen anything from you that is remotely of any use to any intelligent discussion. Not once.
      I read from you that you had considered it a good idea to stuff the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church down your children’s throats. What a balloon of man are you?

      1. Isobel (if that is indeed who you really are) you are a joke – now you are trying to insult my guests and frighten them away. Intelligent discussion?? You are not capable.
        You also do not know what you are talking about. More nasty silliness. All you are capable of is abuse.

      2. Isobel – well he’s got 100 times more to contribute than you have. You have brought a nasty smell to my blog. I’ve told you you’re not welcome. I don’t like abusive people – particularly right-wing arrogant ones.

  7. John, I don’t know if you are aware but there were some people who did make valid attempts at debate in the last week but were met with in truth, the expected vapid response that sadly does not equate with your expectations of intelligent discussion.
    To save you time I took the trouble of jotting down notes of the headers appertaining to a few that maybe of interest to you. Hopefully, you may have something of intellectual content to add and I would be most interested to read of any further contribution. After all, one has to start somewhere.
    I, myself, only comment on subjects that I feel confident enough with and refrain from addage to those that I’d be challenged on. Evidently some others have no such qualms.
    Please refer to:
    1> Scarborough – features an excellent contribution that was met with no response.
    2> Beware The Ones Who Know – yes I do!
    3> The Lethal Game –
    4> The Fog Of Brexit
    5> Featured Book – Star Turn
    6> Christian Priests, Muslims And Sex Abuse
    7> Crosby, Stills And Nash
    and one from earlier in the month
    8> The Terrorists Won!!

    There are some extremely good content contributions within these posts and I think it is most disingenuous to suggest that there exists any such lack of intelligent discussion.

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