Kirkham Abbey – photos

Kirkham Abbey, or Priory, was founded in 1120 ad. It was taken over by Henry XIII in 1539 ad. Henry set about taking all the huge wealth of the church and taking their power away from them. He raised the hugely lucrative abbeys to the ground and reduced the power of the church accordingly.

There’s a lot to be said for that – though his motives were not of the highest.

What we are left with are some amazing ruins!

One thought on “Kirkham Abbey – photos

  1. Opher, this is lovely. Why don’t you just do this and the poetry as I think you’d be ever so happier. The other stuff just doesn’t suit you. I suggest in the nicest possible way that you stop going there. You don’t know enough to ever compete with people that live this all day every day. With you calling people Islamophobes and Racist – you got what you asked for – shit dropped on you from a great height.

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