Featured Book – Nosedive – A Sci-Fi Novel – The Cover Notes.

Human civilisation has miraculously survived for another three hundred years into the future. Technology has blossomed and intergalactic travel is now feasible. This has enabled contact with other races living on planets nearby within the same spiral arm of the Milky Way.

Despite all these advances humanity has not learnt much from its mistakes. There are still two blocs with different political ideologies vying for supremacy and threatening to destroy each other. There is still the same power madness, greed and selfish exploitation that has prevented mankind from reaching its potential.

The only major stride forward has been the abandonment of primitive superstition. There are no longer religious beliefs to shackle people’s minds.

The need for rare metals has meant that the asteroid belt has become a major resource to exploit. Itinerant prospectors make a living on this new frontier out on the Rim and occasionally make a killing by discovering an ore-rich asteroid.

One such prospector by the name of Hansim Olasson is attacked by a skilled assassin.

Another, by the name of Miken Thorsby, discovers a place he would like to call home.

A strange alien craft with hugely advanced technology comes into the system from out in the vast intergalactic wastelands. The ship is viewed as a threat and could destabilise the fragile balance of power.

What is going on and how will it all pan out?

If you are tempted to have a read of one of my Sci-fi books in either paperback or digital I have provided some links below:


My best Sci-fi books in the USA:


Ebola in the Garden of Eden








Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar





Sorting The Future




My best Sci-fi books in the UK:


Ebola In The Garden Of Eden.




Sorting The Future








Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar




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