Crazy Lemmings – A Poem about right-wing madness.

Crazy Lemmings


Crazy lemmings leaping off of cliffs.

Of common sense hardly a whiff!

Fuelled on fear, lies and hate

They’d rather drown than open the gate!


Opher – 17.8.2018



England used to be a friendly place always willing to extend the helping hand. Islamophobia and racism has been deployed by politicians eager to gain power and influence. It has unleashed a wave of fear and hate that resulted in us going for Brexit and cutting off our own noses!

Brexit has made Britain poorer already and will make us a lot poorer yet. It has made us mean-spirited and filled us with hate and fear.

Instead of solving problems we have created more of our own!!

I dislike Islam intensely. I think it is an intolerant religion.

I think we have had too much immigration too quickly.

I don’t think Brexit will help.

I do not believe that our 4.8% of Muslims are going to take over and impose sharia law on us. I do not believe they are all terrorists or rapists.

Instead of Brexit we should be focusing on integrating them so they do not become extremists. In time they will become secular.

I want to move about freely without restriction. I think there are much better ways for the EU to sort out this mass migration problem without resorting to Brexit.

Brexit will only serve to make us poorer, less powerful and peripheral.

What a stupid response – talk about lemmings jumping off cliffs!! The extreme right-wing have set an agenda that is madness!

7 thoughts on “Crazy Lemmings – A Poem about right-wing madness.

  1. Opher, how did you arrive at this kind of accumulated diktat of falsities?
    This imaginary image of England being a friendly place?
    You must of forgotten all about the signs in windows throughout the 1950s-70s, with
    “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish”, in that order.
    The racist grief afforded all the Jamaicans when they arrived, then the Pakistanis.
    Where working class Labour councils actively created little enclaves of them to protect the general population which instantly created divisions.
    No, England was never a friendly place and in terms of a general moral compass was found to be far behind the advanced social mores to be found and practiced in Scotland and Wales.

    This figure that just 4.8% of the population are Muslims is very much out of date and it’s actually a few points higher and around the 6.5% mark and speedily rising.
    As you must be aware some areas of the country have far greater numbers where they are easily the majority. You claim that in time they will become secular. I suggest that you would have a great deal of difficulty proving such a glib comment. You would not be able to account for one single situation anywhere in the world where Muslims lost their faith due to integration within another society, because no such event has ever happened. So why invent such a nonsense statement?

    You are mistaken with the facts. The Left set the immigration agenda and the Right are reacting to the results of it and have been joined by vast numbers from the Left in the process.
    As for you wanting to move around freely without restriction, if you care to remember that stopped back in September 2001.

  2. You stated — “England used to be a friendly place always willing to extend the helping hand. ”

    My response — Have you seen Braveheart and do you know who Gandhi is? Seems more like England is getting back to basics. O.o

    Just a thought

    1. LOL Lander – I hear what you say. There are many exceptions but we have welcomed many oppressed refugees. We do have a long history of being welcoming and tolerant. I think it is us at our best.

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