Brain enhancing drugs.

We are on the start of a new epoch. Brain enhancing drugs are on the horizon. Some people are already buying them on the internet.

A new range of drugs are becoming available. They enhance performance. They stimulate the brain and make it work better. They enhance IQ.

They were developed to boost those suffering from dementia. They can alleviate the symptoms.

They are being used by students to help them perform better in studies or exams.

They could help out geniuses become bigger geniuses. They could help our bosses make better decisions. They could even help our stupid politicians!!

Shouldn’t we all we taking them? We might even vote better!

13 thoughts on “Brain enhancing drugs.

  1. You made me laugh! But on a more serious note I taught a student who had a very ambitious mother. The night before the exam I’d prepared her for, her mother gave both her and one of her friends amphetamines, so they could stay awake to study through the night. One of them didn’t fare so well the next day.
    I can see the future already.

    1. Back in my day many were doing just that. But I’m not sure it really helped.
      But these new brain enhancers seem to boost IQ! Completely different.
      Do you think we’ll have doping tests at examinations? I can just see all the students having to pee in bottles for their tests.

  2. Opher, sorry but that’s a completely false claim to make with any boosting of IQ. You can’t mess with IQ as it’s an extremely stable facet.
    What these enhancing drugs do is simply to increase levels of concentration, very similar to that state if you’ve ever experienced it of deep concentration with Marijuana. Obviously “real” Marijuana and not that mixed down to ground zero “Council Hash” that’s found on the streets full of Oxo cubes.
    Suggested method of consumption would be what’s known as “Honey Slides”, which mother could easily cook in the kitchen and then eaten, rather than smoking as it’s impossible to smoke properly if you don’t smoke in the first place.
    For such an exercise as with exam preparation, I would think an Amphetamine substance would be the LAST type of drug I’d be taking. That would be a mistake as it’s extremely difficult to concentrate when one’s physicality has also been heightened and another case of where people who don’t understand drugs shouldn’t mess with them.

  3. No, I don’t think we should because of exactly what John said. They haven’t been around long enough for anyone to KNOW what the side effects might be. Like dementia at 25…

    1. Cheryl – I doubt it would be as dramatic as that but I’m sure that there’s a lot of research going on. Dementia is big business and a drug that enhances brain function would be very profitable.

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