It’s just a story

Safar gives us a thoughtful look at the damage we do chasing the bitch goddess of money (please excuse the sexism – it’s not mine or Safar’s).

Blisters, Bunions & Blarney

In Lady Chatterley’s Lover (DH Lawrence), one of the characters loves to define human enslavement to money as the Bitch Goddess.  It’s caught on.  His friends use the term too.  I don’t like the feminisation and deification of money, but that’s not really what I want to discuss.   I’ll keep hold of the term for the purpose of my question.

When born, our lives are governed by this bitch goddess.  Sociologists since the 1950s have repeatedly shown how life chances are determined by the wealth of the family into which we are born.  This has little changed, despite wider social awareness of the fact and tinkering with policies to provide a semblance of ‘equal opportunity’.  There are exceptions to the general rule, of course, great stories of those who rose from the pit of their poverty to do incredible things.  But to do what?  Keep the bitch goddess happy…

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3 thoughts on “It’s just a story

  1. That’s not sexism!
    This is indicative of a lot of our communication problems today. We have far too many people who for reasons only known to themselves have suddenly lost all powers of perception and now suffer from acute levels of cognitive dissonance and expand to levels of absurd absolute.
    Stop it! and understand the genesis of our beautiful language.

  2. Animals spend most all their time searching for food and eating it. The Hebrew saying is Bli kemach, ain Torah. Without bread there’s no Torah….
    My father used to say “Rich or poor, it’s good to have money”

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