Sex – My Views

Sex – what goes?

As far as I’m concerned sex between consenting adults of whatever gender is up to them. If there is no coercion then I would say it is up to them and nobody else – with a couple of provisos:

a. No major damage is done to either party

b. The activities are not public

c. All participants are adults

d. The activities are consensual

We recently (well in the last ten years) had a case of a group of sado-masochists who met up to carry out their strange practices. They would sandpaper their genitals, stick pins in their genitals and actually nail their genitals down. They photographed this and sent the photos around the group.

It got out what they were doing. They were prosecuted.

Now personally I find that peculiar and abhorrent but I would stand up for their right to do it. No lasting harm was done and they were all consenting. I do not think they should have been prosecuted.

For me irresponsible sex is unprotected sex that could result in pregnancy or the spread of STDs. I would, of course, regard underage sex as irresponsible, by my view of the age of consent would probably be fifteen.

But I’m open to debate on that.

I do, of course, as a biologist, regard homosexual sex as perfectly natural. Not my scene but there you go. It is found in most animals and has been well accepted in many cultures – Romans, Greeks, Native American Indians, Indians………… Whatever floats your boat. It is a biological predisposition that does not appear to be learnt.

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