Trolls Too! – Another poem about mean-minded trolls.

Trolls 2


Pusillanimous pustules

Posing as people.

Self-righteous scum

Swimming in sewage.

Pompous pricks

Primping and posturing.

Horrendous charlatans

Howling and hurling.


Unwanted guests.

Obnoxious pests.

Opinionated prats.

Cowardly rats.

Skulking in rags.

Under false flags.

Dripping with bile

And venom most vile.


With the stench of a skunk

And intelligence shrunk.

Spewing their scorn

Like the devil’s spawn.


Mindless morons

With detestable manners.

Full of hatred

Spewed under many banners.


Fortunately their logic is easily defeated

With the press of a finger their hate is deleted.


Trolls Trolls Trolls

Trip trap trip trap

Get back in your holes.

Trip trap trip trap

Trolls Trolls Trolls

Who cares for your crap?


Opher 24.5.2018





Well I enjoyed writing this. There is a power in alliteration.

The world is full of three types of people. There are those who are positive and sunny who would build and make things better. There are those who are mean-minded and who seek to destroy and make things worse. There are a bunch who obliviously don’t care.

The trolls are the destroyers. I despise them all. They are small minded and destructive like the soul-sucking dementors in Harry Potter. We could do without them all!

2 thoughts on “Trolls Too! – Another poem about mean-minded trolls.

  1. I think Martin Luther King put it rather better! What an orator that man was. But you are right about trolls, although not all of them are intentional trolls or quite so very destructive. In many cases I believe they are just ignorant, unaware, unawakened if you like. And I’m not sure it is really their fault. If I were a buddhist I would say they are simply stuck on the wheel of existence until they learn better.

    1. Zeno – who can compete with Martin Luther King??
      I do believe that the majority of them do set out to bully and disrupt. They are mean-minded destroyers. They are certainly stuck!

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