Euthanasia and death!

When I finally reach the end of my life – sometime in the next one hundred years – I would like a death of my own choosing!

Preferably I would like this to be:

At home

With no pain

With no discomfort

As lucid as possible

Now with all the furore around the Gosport deaths I think it is time for a rational look at end of life care. Gosport was not alone. I think that the use of opiates to hasten the death of terminally ill patients was widespread. My own father and mother were dealt with in that manner and I have no problem with that. My wife worked at a hospital in Walton and saw patients put on opiates and rapidly declining and dying. I do not have a problem with that either. If someone is in pain and distressed and has a terminal condition it seems pointless to me to prolong the agony.

However, I do have a problem when it is all carried out in a clandestine manner because of the legal implications. I would like to be consulted if I am able. Failing that I would like my immediate relatives to be consulted and for my wishes to be followed.

I think the law needs to respect the wishes of dying people. I would like to have the right to decide on my life and death. I would like to have a say in how much pain-killing I received and whether I had any reasonable standard of life. I want the choice!!

4 thoughts on “Euthanasia and death!

  1. Opher, ALL patients dying of cancer, whether at home or hospital are /offered/given opiates to relive pain. Some people refuse on religious grounds.
    They are NOT given opiates to hasten their deaths.
    They are also not given opiates until they near the end and/or when the pain is unbearable. They are not handed out like Smarties.
    My father was at home dying of Pancreatic cancer, a most painful pain apparently and I don’t recall him receiving any opiates until about two weeks before his death.

    What happened at Gosport was an entirely different issue. This was systematic, calculated, callous, unwarranted, out of control mass murder, all hush-hushed by protective bureaucracy. Many of these old people arrived simply as new arrivals to what was supposed to be an old folks care home. However, they were taken out Dr. Shipman-style within hours of arrival. Some within a couple of hours! This had nothing to do with mercy or compassion or any such altruistic action. This was unmitigated murder on an unprecedented scale.
    The women who had been in charge (now conveniently retired and refusing to speak a single word – as seen on TV on Wednesday) would have been hanged for that were we back in 1965.
    But because of all this damnable tip-toey softly-softly wooly-cottoned liberalism and political correctness it’s probably going to cost several millions of squids to call her and her people out about it. Because it’s a multi-guilty squad of such callous deviants it’s not quite as easy as accusing the individual as we’ve had previously with some nutter nurses injection all and sundry with insulin etc.

    All that consultation about pain killing methods will have been discussed with you by your consultant doctor. A lot of stuff is all planned out and often includes the Macmillan nurses, too. You already get a choice or will do, so you shouldn’t have any fears in that department.
    What no one can control are the actions of nut cases, such as these people as involved in the Gosport mass murders.

    1. Andrew or is it Officer Dibble? I have no problem with terminally ill people being given opiates.
      What took place at Gosport I believe is going on throughout the country. I have no doubt that both my father and mother’s deaths were brought about by opiates. I have no problem with that. My wife worked in a hospital in Walton back in the 70s and saw it in operation. Patients would come in lucid and rapidly decline and die due to prescription of opiates.
      At levels to deal with pain they will not do harm. Overprescription does hasten death. I believe that is what routinely happened.
      I would like it out in the open and discussed with relatives.

      1. But you cannot simply dismiss people’s mothers arriving at 10 AM, and dead by luchtime. This is the point and it’s entirely different from what you advocate.
        So your wife worked in a hospital forty odd years ago So what. Doing what? I’d doubt that she was doing any injections, right?
        Well, my brother is a cancer specialist consultant (liver, kidney, pancreas) today, and I can tell you for nothing that this whole deal is complete bull shit. Nobody is given opiates until near the time of death arrives or where the pain level is high.
        I explained above the circumstances and you should accept them as that is the status quo and any deviation from that course is what happened at Gosport, mass murder without authority. You must be able to understand the difference.
        You must be a terribly callous bastard individual if you’re OK with any of that Gosport situation. I do indeed hope they lock the lot of them up and give them a good kicking for it, too. I hope they don’t offer you any choice and just take one look at you and inject. There you go, Opher, good riddance to you! Bye!
        See, it doesn’t feel so good now with your own name attached to it, does it?
        So perhaps you just might be able to find some compassion and sympathy for those who lost dear ones in such a disgusting manner. You’d be fucking apoplectic if they did that to your wife, wouldn’t you? So get off that horrible callous horse and think about this.

      2. No I cannot.
        My wife was an auxillary nurse and did inject. My older son is a nurse practioner. I do have some knowledge and insight on the subject.
        Please do try to be civil and intelligent rather than this emotive rudeness.
        I do not support the killing of patients but I do support euthanasia. I do think that opiates have been used extensively to hasten death of terminal patients and I am not against that. I want it in the open.
        I do think that the evidence is pointing to something more than this at Gosport and that needs bringing out into the open.

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