Humane killing of animals!

I like eating meat. I do not like animals suffering. What I would like is for animals to be kept in pleasant conditions and killed painlessly without fear or distress.

I am totally opposed to animals being shipped long distances.

I am totally opposed to most ways of killing animals and slaughterhouse operations – slitting throats, bolt-guns, stun guns, electrocution.

I believe it can all be done more humanely. My younger son worked in a chicken factory. They killed chickens by electrocution. What he saw disturbed him so much he refuses to eat chicken.

This made me think. There has to be a better way!

I read a report about some dockers who died in the hold of a ship. That sent my mind ticking. We move fruits and vegetables long distances and use nitrogen to keep them fresh. Nitrogen in an inert gas. When there is no oxygen the plants suspend metabolism and the fruit does not ripen. The dockers went down into the nitrogen flooded hold. They walked a few paces and keeled over. Others went down to rescue them and suffered the same fate. They all died.

Our brain monitors the level of carbon dioxide in our blood. If the carbon dioxide levels increase we breathe faster. We do not monitor oxygen levels.

The men went down into the hold. They breathed out the carbon dioxide but were unaware of their rapidly declining oxygen levels. When the brain had insufficient oxygen it merely stopped functioning and they passed out. There was no warning or distress.

What if our slaughterhouses worked on the same principle? I am sure that it is not beyond our with to created chambers to contain the nitrogen. Animals could be herded into spaces flooded with nitrogen and simply, without distress, become unconscious. Workers could have facemasks with oxygen. Viola! You have a distress-free method of killing animals!


5 thoughts on “Humane killing of animals!

  1. There’s nothing wrong with slaughterhouse operations. It’s very quick, humane, no mess and little enough time for the animal to panic.
    And no, the slitting of throats is not an application and is perhaps that of a Muslim custom only. This is where the animals do panic, especially if they are killing more than one. It’s an unnecessarily cruel practice, but a lot of things concerning Islamic practices are unnecessarily cruel.
    I’m sorry to learn that your son turned out to be so lily livered, but what did he expect working in somewhere that was in all but name an abattoir? I don’t think I could have written the script with that one! But some mother’s do `ave `em.

    1. No Andrew – wrong, wrong and wrong again (as usual).
      The practice in abattoirs is far from good and many people find it reprehensible.
      Your Islamophobia feeds your comments. Slitting throats is probably no worse than what happens in abattoirs. Both are extremely distressing to animals.
      My son is far from lily livered but, like most normal people, was distressed by the cruel system, suffering of the animals and lack of humanity of the staff.
      You do try to scrape the barrel when trying to take a contrary position and come across as mealy mouthed and nasty.

      1. Wrong person, again! What’s that about? Maybe a computer text glitch your end.

        No actually, as I’ve seen first hand the operation for the slaughter of cattle and sheep, although not chickens. It’s very fast and in fact the least distressing for the animals.
        I have also seem the Islamic practice at Idul Fitri and when they’ve got several goats for slaughter and just the one knife, then you have panic as the other animals sense what’s going on. If you haven’t ever witnessed such, then I can fully understand why you’ve been thinking what you’ve been thinking. It has nothing to do with Islamophobia, and that’s a most retarded comment, but the fact of the matter as witnessed from one somewhat better educated on the subject than yourself. Quite how that makes me mealy mouthed and nasty is plainly down to your own ignorance and naivety and there’s really no accounting for that.
        Perhaps the lack of humanity with your son’s chicken horrors was previously indicated by the fact that it was a chicken factory! What did he expect, a goodnight kiss? LOL.
        I’m sorry, but I can’t stop myself laughing at that. What a knobend, eh?

      2. I very much do not think you are the person you claim to be and I find your manner offensive, rude and unintelligent. You need to grow up.

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