Being thankful!

The sun is shining. The temperature is warm. There are white clouds in a blue sky. It is a beautiful day.

I am fit, healthy and feeling good.

Today I opened my eyes again into a fabulous universe that is full of many wonders, beauties and things to discover just like I have done 25,219 times before.

My brain is still functioning well. My senses all operate well. I stop to contemplate what an amazing experience this is.

Today I’m playing a bit of music by Neil Young. I’m contemplating a walk on the hills and a read of a book. I’m thinking about the book I’m working on. I’m meeting up with friends later for a pleasant evening of talk, food, wine and fun. I’m thinking ahead to a concert tomorrow and meeting up with my daughter.

For 25,000 plus days I have experienced this universe. I don’t know how many I have ahead of me – certainly not another 25,000 – but I intend to make full use of every second of them as I can. I want to pack them with love, friendship. writing, reading, travel, music, sex, fun, exploration, thought, learning, experience and joy.

One day I will not open my eyes. There will be no universe to be inspired by. Until then I will live.

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