James Varda – Sunday Before the War

The late great James Varda is sorely missed. He brought a powerful new voice to his poetic images.

This was a song off his wonderful first album – Hunger.

It is rare these days to come across someone who really grabs you. James certainly did grab me the very first time I heard him sing. He also grabbed Roy Harper. He took him on tour with him. He rarely does that.

Sunday Before The War

I can’t help looking on the bright side
It’s just the way I am
And if I ask too much of you
I was raised a man
But all I want
All I want
I can’t have today
I’m going to ransack the future
And stowaway
On a large white ship
With tall sails
And I’ll sail on down
To where the water flows
Warm and pure
Sunday before the war

I always learn from history
I make the same mistakes twice
But I never meant to make my bed
In this house of ice
I can’t wait any longer
For the play to begin
I can’t wait any longer
For the curtain to climb
The sun about to shine
And cause the ice to thaw
Sunday before the war

In was standing by the shore
When a man stepped out of a shell
He said clear up all these pebbles
Or I’ll slam you in a cell
The laughing tide
The roaring waves
Rolled over him
I stayed by the shore
Sunday before the war

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