South African Townships.

This is part of the problem in South Africa. While the white minority live in houses like this:

and the black population live in townships like this:

Having to use toilets like this:

Where the sewage goes down a pipe and straight out into the sea causing a great brown slick;

I think we are going to have problems. It creates resentment and rage.

The African Government needs to provide adequate housing for the black population and raise their standard of living.

2 thoughts on “South African Townships.

  1. Why are you trying to make the White South Africans guilty for living in good Houses. The Black South African Governments have ruined that Country. Those Black Governments keep their fellow Blacks “poor” because it suits them to do so, that way they can control them, except when they want to cause incitement to Burn White Farms, to Butcher White Farmers and their Wives, Mothers, Fathers and the Children, not just murder them but they Torture the White Farmers and their Families for hours. What about the horrendous violence going on in South African. It’s not just about living standards, and pointing out the Whites have nice houses. Be fair Opher if you are going to point out what the South African Government are doing show the truth on the White side, or perhaps they do not matter.,

    1. You misunderstand Anna. I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty for living in a house. I’m pointing out the enormous contrast between the standard of life of the whites and the blacks. The blacks need to be brought up to the same standard. That has been a failure of the ANC. The blacks live in atrocious slums. It’s not right.

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