Nick Harper – Kardomah94 – Some words!!

Son of the legendary UK singer-songwriter Roy Harper, having played the guitar from the age of 10 Nick Harper grew up surrounded by the likes of Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Dave Gilmour so it was no surprise when Nick made his recording debut on his father’s Whatever Happened to Jugula? in 1985.

To call Nick a superlative singer/songwriter could put his highly lauded guitar talent in the shade, and to call him a guitarist’s guitarist might slight his distinctive, soulful voice and passionate songs. Not forgetting the wild ride that is one of his live shows – from personal introspection to biting political satire via a charmingly caustic wit that would make Groucho Marx proud. He often segues from his own compositions to well-loved covers he makes his own – he takes on Presley, Zappa, Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, Monty Python and Public Enemy (yes, on an acoustic guitar).

One thought on “Nick Harper – Kardomah94 – Some words!!

  1. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:

    Two Days to go!! Nick Harper at Kardomah94 Hull – Saturday 17th Mar 8.00 pm. A great comfortable, intimate venue!! A brilliant performer, songwriter and guitarist!! What could be better?
    It’s going to be a brilliant evening!!

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