Tiger, tiger you thrill me! For Dewin!

Tiger, tiger, slithering by

With scaly skin and glittering eye

What strange thoughts do you employ

To gauge the depths of all your joy?


Lying coiled beneath the sun

Until the warmth within is done.

On what dreams do you journey?

To places strange to the likes of me?


And what would move you to tread

To another life to the one you’re wed?

For when you’re roused enough to bite

Do you experience alien delight?


Could you leave that ecstasy

To taste another, and be free?

To choose a gentler road to roam

And find pleasant refuge to call home?


Could you trust one such as me

To gently rest in complete safety?

Or must it always be this way

That you’d attack or slink away?


For tiger, tiger, I wish it were

Different for this scale and fur.

That we might sit beneath this tree

And share this moment of beauty.


Opher 10.2.2018

4 thoughts on “Tiger, tiger you thrill me! For Dewin!

      1. Raiders of the Lost Ark — when Indy falls into the pit of snakes in the tomb. He HATES snakes as attested to at the beginning of the movie when he climbs in the cockpit of the plane and there’s a python named Reggie in it. 🙂 One of my favorite movie lines. But I’m with you. I think spiders scare me every bit as much.

      2. Oh yes – I remember it now, Cheryl. It didn’t make a huge impact on me because I don’t mind snakes. Now if it had been spiders……………..

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