A bunch of Seals in the Farne Islands.

There is something about seals – the way the old fat ones loll about on the rocks, eyes closed, looking as if they are in ecstasy – the inquisitive young alert cubs – the sudden transformation into sleek and agile swimmers as soon as they hit the water.

4 thoughts on “A bunch of Seals in the Farne Islands.

  1. This is just beautiful. My far my favorite post of the week!!!! I just added seals to my bucket list. I have manatee but now, I need to see these in person one day!

    1. They are rather nice but I would swap them for a manatee. They are amazing creatures. I’d love to see one of them. You are lucky to have seen one of them. If you want to see seals just get along to the Farne Islands or Donna Nook in Lincolnshire – you’ll see them.

      1. In am in FLorida in the US so that would be a long flight! One day though!!!!! It is now on my bucket list so it must happen!

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