Why Don’t the Brexiteers Tell the Truth?

A government report looking at the impact of Brexit has been leaked. All assessments show negative outcomes. It has been covered up!

No deal – a huge 8% impact on the economy.

A hard deal with no access to the market – a whacking 5% drop.

A soft option retaining access to the market still ends up with a 2% drop.

What the hell are we doing? Do we really want everybody to be a lot worse off? Drops of this magnitude would be disastrous for public services. It will make us all poorer.

No wonder someone leaked it. These are the figures the government put together. It paints a terrible scenario.

Why don’t the Brexiteers stand up and tell people what they believe instead of pretending everything will be rosy?

If they stood up and told us that Brexit will make us all poorer but it will be worth it I’d have more respect for them!!


5 thoughts on “Why Don’t the Brexiteers Tell the Truth?

  1. Opher, you do realize the real reason why it was leaked by the Tories, was to put pressure on Theresa May in order to get rid of her. So that we can have a genuine Brexiteer in charge, such as Jacob Rees Mogg, or David Davis.

    1. I’m not sure who leaked it Anna. I just know that the government has had a big investigation of the outcome of Brexit and it is pretty dire. They are covering it up. I welcome Mogg or Davis taking over. That would be so ludicrous that I don’t think the Tories would ever recover. The party would be dead in the water for ever. Those are the idiots who are running things at the moment. They are extreme nincompoops.
      Brexit is a right-wing nationalist project. They’ve been at it for four decades. I personally do not want to either be poorer, have worse public services or be ruled by extreme right-wingers. That mob are lunatics.

  2. It’s a fact it was leaked by the Tories. So you would rather be under the control of a thuggish group as Momentum and that IRA supporter dangerous Macdonnell, because that is who will take over. Not Corbyn they will stab him in the back. Eye opening to see last night on tv a left wing former terrorist and ex prisoner now a spokesperson for, well I better not say. Stating that Corbyn will be kicked out by Momentum and McDonnell, he even called MacDonnell a dangerous individual (using my word) and that Labour under Momentum/MacDonnell will be finished. He stated that it was very worrying that Labour could get in and this coming from a staunch Socialist. Even your own are now admitting that they fear Labour getting in. I don’t know who will run the Tories but they need someone strong/determined.

    1. Anna – I’d love Labour to get in with a great landslide. We’d have great policies to get this country back on its feet, end this political dogma of austerity, fund public services properly, nationalise the rail and energy to stop these fat-cats pocketing our money and get some fairness into the country. These Tory fascists are making a right mess of things.
      No I don’t worry about Momentum at all. They were formed to back Corbyn. The media is running flat out scare stories to frighten people. Their propaganda doesn’t frighten me. I expect a lot more lies and shocking propaganda to come. The Capitalists stop at nothing to hold on to power and they control all the media – including the BBC which they have swamped with Tories.
      I share with McDonald the view that Ireland should be united and, like him, abhor the terrorist tactics used by the IRA.
      The Tories are the most extreme bunch we have ever had – money and power grabbing scum.

  3. That 8% figure is not true. What will in fact happen is once we leave EU and can trade on the world market, prices will in general be 8% cheaper! Isn’t it amazing what rubbish floats out and about and people believe it?

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