The Times – Donald Tusk calls for second Brexit referendum

‘Donald Tusk has called on Britain to reverse the decision to leave the European Union with a second referendum or a House of Commons vote on the final Brexit deal.

The president of the European Council made his appeal as pressure grows on MPs to press for a second referendum or to reject a withdrawal agreement.

Yesterday a group of senior MPs, including Tory rebels, lobbied officials in Brussels for a positive EU response to the possibility of a Commons vote rejecting Brexit.

Mr Tusk quoted an anti-EU speech made by David Davis, the secretary of state for Brexit, over five years ago in which he said democracy ceases if parliament or voters are unable to reverse decisions.’

The Tories are still backing themselves into a corner. They have locked themselves in the Keep and pulled up the drawbridge. The mood of the country has changed. People have woken up to the huge costs we will pay and the impoverishment of the country.

The bright future touted by the Brexiteers was a lie.

I agree with David Davis – democracy does cease if voters are unable to reverse decisions!

It’s not too late!! We need a second referendum!! Brexit is a disaster for Britain. The Tories are making a right mess of things.


4 thoughts on “The Times – Donald Tusk calls for second Brexit referendum

    1. Well it certainly isn’t going well. But then with David Davis at the helm what did anyone expect.
      It looks to me as if NAFTA is dead. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not?

      1. No, it’s not. Thousands on both sides of the border will lose jobs. The Canadian dollar will take a plunge and US goods will be more expensive here. Thank goodness Trudeau got a free trade deal with the EU and is working on a deal with the Pacific Rim nations. I’m dying to see how the US Senate reacts – it has to approve foreign treaties.

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