Leadership and Management – the difference.

In order for an institution or country to flourish it requires good leadership and management.

The British Empire was successful because it had both. The leadership was decisive and the management was expert.

Leadership is about getting people to follow you.

Management is about facilitating that.

As way of illustration. If we take a military campaign.

A leader can say ‘we are going over there to take that hill’ and inspire people to follow them.

A manager will organise the best way to get everybody to the hill, the food and equipment necessary, the route to be taken and the tactics necessary to take the hill from the enemy.

It is quite apparent that a leader who is not a manager can be a total disaster. It would be the utmost act of folly to go charging off over unknown terrain to attack well entrenched positions without due consideration. No matter how fired up the troops might be they might find themselves bogged down in marshland, having to cross rivers, arriving tired, hungry and with little ammunition and throwing themselves into the jaws of well positioned machine guns.

History is littered with leaders who took their men to death.

Likewise a manager who makes all the provisions but fails to inspire the soldiers to follow, to do and die for the cause, despite all the immaculate preparation, will fail miserably.

The world is littered with leaders who are busy leading masses this way and that. We see the chanting people on the streets of Iran, the orchestrated performances in North Korea, the political rallies in America.

Do we have a leader who possesses a good clear vision and the management skills to put that vision into practice for the good of everyone?

In my view it requires teamwork and a wider vision than partisan politics.

8 thoughts on “Leadership and Management – the difference.

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Any charismatic person can stir up a mob mentality. But it takes someone with knowledge and expertise to know how to help people to sort it all out. Are we both in the same boat?

      1. Hopefully experience will create a different mindset. Surely nobody can really believe that either Trump or Brexit are working or are a good thing for our countries can they?

      2. Some do or we wouldn’t be in these messes… You gotta wonder why people choose to be so blind, don’t you? Of course when you have right wing “Christians” (and I use that term Christian VERY loosely) saying Trump gets a pass on the sexual stuff but they’ll prosecute everyone else for that behavior, what do you expect? Same there?

      3. Yes Cheryl. The hypocrisy is amazing. People seemingly are able to do a double think. I think it’s all about racism and fear of Muslims.

      4. I read the article where that gentlemen’s fundraiser thingy shut down because of that undercover journalist. THAT was interesting. Talk about an old boys club!

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