Religious people and the stuff god tells them to wear.





It all seems a bit strange to me that they all believe they are right and everybody else is wrong and that god demands all this weird garb and behaviour.

8 thoughts on “Religious people and the stuff god tells them to wear.

  1. Goodness I thought you would know better than that. God does not demand certain religious people wear this or that or they do things others object to. Man has made the rules not God, God asked that we tolerate each other that we love each other that we appreciate the World take care of it. Certain Religions determined what hats or clothes should be worn, and then again one has the freedom to choose to wear or not.

    All God has asked for is that we believe in him, if we want to, and in eternal life if we want to, and I do both – my choice not God’s demand.

    1. I know that Anna. I was being facetious. I think god and all religions are made up by men. The costumes and paraphernalia that many religious people feel constrained to wear seems ridiculous to me. But some of them do believe that it is god who commands and demands it.

    1. Nothing wrong in being a heathen Cheryl!! As long as you don’t feel that you have to wear veils, robes, black hoods, long shapeless dresses or cut all your hair off in order to worship who you like.

      1. I guess it is more to do with people’s psychology and what makes them feel good. It sure looks silly from the outside though. Why do judges and religions get stuck permanently in the past?

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