So what is it that has held women back?

Could it be men’s size, strength, aggression and forcefulness that women find intimidating?

Could it really be that women have a tendency to be more emotional and less rational in times of stress?

Or is it just that having children and subsequent childcare takes women out of the game at a crucial time in the development of a career?

It would seem to me that until we find a way of sharing the responsibility for childcare or making adequate quality provision women will always be at a disadvantage.

Could this be the crucial problem that requires solving? In order to create a fair meritocracy we require first-rate childcare and  social facilities for sharing the responsibility!

6 thoughts on “So what is it that has held women back?

  1. I just think we’ve been brainwashed. You ought to live in Utah and see how it is. His nibs left the Mormon church 30 years ago, BUT, you can take the boy out of the patriarchal culture, but you can’t take the patriarchal culture out of the boy. Just ask me! The last thing his folks said to him before we walked down the aisle was, “You know it’s YOUR job to convert her now, right?” They sure didn’t know me! But all valid points up there, Opher. Good post.

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