Masculinity in crisis? What is a man? One man’s view!

I perceive a reassessment of gender.

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Men – what use are they? Some women would happily do away with them.

They are big, smelly, violent, aggressive, silent, unemotional, twerps.

The problem as I perceive it is that we are such a new species, and civilisation is so recent, that the habits we have are stone-age. We haven’t had time to adapt to this new concept of society. Men are still living in the tribal mentality – fighting on behalf of the community to ensure we have enough territory to provide the food we need – being aggressive and terrifying to warn off other clans and predators – gaining status through brave, aggressive acts – being strong and violent to foreigners and lions.

The trouble is that we live in towns and cities now. We get our food from supermarkets. The foreigners live down our street. There are no lions.

Men have become superfluous.

We don’t need…

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