Education run for profit! Is that what we want?

Shouldn’t the prime purpose of a school, college or university, be the education of its students?

Not anymore!

Increasingly he prime purpose of Academies and Universities is to make a profit. They are being run as businesses for the benefit of a bunch of extremely well-paid managers and the businessmen who run them.

It’s all about bums on seats, cheap staff, cheap equipment and making a profit.

In the state school that I ran every penny was ploughed into the students. We wanted quality staff, the best equipment and what was best for all the students. That attitude is becoming secondary.

Universities are falling over themselves to get students. There does not seem to be as much consideration as to which courses might be best suitable for those young people. Each student brings in £9000 per year. All that matters is that the courses are filled and the cash goes in the coffers.

We, in the secondary school system, always had to watch our budgets and never had enough to do all that we wanted, but we were never concerned with using our students as fodder for profit!

10 thoughts on “Education run for profit! Is that what we want?

  1. Tons of private academies and training schools have university status. Govt / bank student loans finance them. Hospitals and most medical services are for profit which jacks up the prices too. Yikes!

  2. Namaste Opher 🙂

    Further evidence if more were actually needed that the UK Government are removing themselves further and further from their responsibilities and obligations by placing the future of humankind – the education of our children – in the hands of greedy capitalist enterprise already predisposed to dehumanisation of people for profit.

    The Tory agenda will see privatisation occur in as many walks of life as possible with public services, schools, hospitals, the Police Force etc. all being sold to foreign companies so that when Labour do come to power, it will be very difficult to redress the situation without disruption of foreign relations. It is one reason why the NHS is being destroyed with a view to being sold to the Yanks. Should that go ahead it will be nigh on impossible to restore the NHS back to State ownership and control such is the reliance the UK have on American investment. This Tory government have sold us all down the river and through privatisation of the education system have also sold our children down the river as well.

    The evil that May has inflicted on the UK electorate is staggering, yet still she continues to rape and pillage people’s lives whilst she lines her own grubby pockets. There is no semblance of democracy about May’s governance of the UK. It is fascism: the upward transfer of money and wealth into the despotic hands of the few who then have legalised control over the majority and can pretty much do what the hell they like.

    A very big metaphysical sword is needed to take all the ugly heads from the Tory Hydra. One can only hope Corbyn is wielding a two-handed broadsword with the deftness of a Berserker 🙂 Failing that one wonders what will happen next in the UK.? There are few options and each time another option is removed the closer we get to Revolution. Let them fear the sound of the drums when The People rise together.

    Power To The People!

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


    1. Dewin – Yes the Tory monster stalks the land and befuddles the senses of the people as it blatantly destroys the very structure of society and turns us all into victims to be exploited – squeezed until the last penny drops out of us and there is no longer anything to place on our eyes.

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