Automation and AI – the challenge!

What is going to happen to careers and jobs in the future. We are on the brink of major changes. In a short period of time many more jobs will be gone.

a. Transport – when driverless technology comes in the whole haulage industry will no longer require drivers. Public transport  will not require drivers. Taxi’s will be driverless, The need for private cars will be less. There may well be a pool of cars available to be summoned as required. Even planes will be pilotless.

b. Goods and Production – assembly lines will become more and more automated. Quality control will be automated.

c. Deliveries – goods will be delivered through driverless vehicles or drones.

d. Defence – warfare will be increasingly carried out by drones and guided missiles. The need for feet on the ground will be less.

e. Mining/tunnels – huge automated machines are now used.

f. Health – first port of call will be an automated assessment and response. Even many procedures and operations will be carried out by automation.

g. Design – AI will design the next generation of AI.

h. Nanotechnology will deal with many aspects of  diagnosis or repair.

I. Sex Industry – sex workers will offer a range of services.

j. Service industry – much will be automated.

I could go on. There will be no need for a large workforce. All the miners, ship-builders, designers, bankers, accountants, prostitutes, factory workers, drivers, pilots, soldiers, nurses, surgeons will no longer be required.

All the wealth will be concentrated in a small elite of the wealthy. What will the rest of us do?

12 thoughts on “Automation and AI – the challenge!

  1. So true. Walmart and Kroger’s over here just announced getting rid of most cashiers, replaced by self check-out. I just finished Dan Brown’s “Origin.” Really interesting….and he is always an exciting, hard to put down read.

    1. I think that this could be a boon or a dismal future. It all depends on how it is handled. Unless some thinking and planning goes into it the wealthy will just have another bonanza at the expense of everybody else.

  2. I think the best answer to avoiding the horrors of massive unemployment is a universal guaranteed income while society has a chance to reinvent itself. But that would take away money from the 1%, and that would never do!

      1. John – wouldn’t it be good if we could double the numbers of teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and other useful members of society? We could reduce the workload so that each child and person receives the care they deserve and these key workers are not burnt out by their enormous workload.

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