Goodbye Motorhead!!

The last original member of the classic Motorhead line-up died this week!

Phil (Philthy Animal) Taylor died on 11 November 2015, in London, at the age of 61 after an illness. Liver failure was cited as a cause.

Ian Lemmy Kilmister‘s  died on Dec. 28, 2015 at the age of 70 from prostate cancer and heart problems.

Now “Fast” Eddie Clarke has died from pneumonia at the age of 67.

It seems that their crazy lifestyle caught up with them.

Motorhead were formed in 1975 and were, with their loud, high speed Rock, the bridge between Punk and Heavy Metal. They had an uncompromising image, with its black leather and long hair complementing their wild ways. Their fast living lifestyle with drink, drugs, women and craziness put Guns ‘n’ Roses to shame. But Hey – who wants to live forever?


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Motorhead!!

      1. Yes sir, that’s fecking right! If you are gonna die then die with your boots on going down swinging drinking smoking womanising fighting biting kicking and screaming until the old body gives up or the heart stops beating. It’s true Rock ‘n’ Roll dude and one ‘eck of a fantasy death scenario to aspire to! 🙂

        I’m devastated. Motorhead were everything you have said and so much more to a rebellious youth: an unrelenting fast paced shit-kicking mean machine of a rock band who stung with the wild trash and venom of punk and the explosive loudness of rock. Each band member was a legend: Lemmy whose face was torn and twisted by a thousand psychedelic adventures was always the hero of my dark side. The Motorhead emblem: the black panther head with teeth and tusks remains a defining symbol of the band and the philosophy of life they relished. Whilst their decadence will not be approved by everyone, what I enjoy is the fact that they had confidence to do things their way: indeed, who wants to live forever here on planet Earth anyway?

        I don’t recall Lemmy ever being praised for his poetic lyrics, but let’s face it, the lines quoted above are just so raw and wild they spit in your face and all but tell ya to ‘feck off!’ Just awesome…raw, rough, wild, edgy, and biting like a caged dog: they were lines often cited and pondered over by a disenfranchised youth growing up in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s I still like their sound.

        Rest in Peace Motorhead, back together again and raising hell in heaven! Now that’s what you call rock ‘n’ roll! 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


  1. Very much looks like the blurb opening this thread has been lifted from mainstream media and written by some hack not particularly well informed of membership of Motorhead.
    Clarke left the band way back in 1982, some 35 years ago and was only in the band for 6 years out of its 40 year history.
    Formed as Bastard in 1975, with Larry Wallis on guitar, who left after six months.
    May 1982, Fast Eddie Clarke leaves to form Fastway with Pete Way, ex of UFO.
    Feb 1984, Phil Philthy Animal Taylor leaves to join Operator with Brian Robertson, who had already left the band having previously filled the place of Clarke for 18 months.
    Taylor rejoined for years 1987 – 1992.
    Judging from the stats on the longevity of the average full-on rock band guy, these guys lasted for twice as long so perhaps weren’t quite living up to the myth which was certainly true in Lemmy’s case.
    Guns ‘N Roses is a pathetic choice to compare with as they were nothing more than a TM corporate machine and were about as “Rock” as my cabbage patch.
    As for “women and craziness”, who wrote this – the Temperance movement?

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