A couple of Koalas from Newcastle – photos

Koalas used to be really common but like a number of Australian wildlife they are getting scarce. We had to hunt like crazy to find one in the wild. We only ever saw one in its native habitat.

I guess that zoos will soon be the only places we’ll find many of the animals we have come to love.

18 thoughts on “A couple of Koalas from Newcastle – photos

      1. It’s hoped that the relocations taking place will help to boost the population. They are super cute, but can be aggressive too. During mating season of course. The males make a terrible noise.

      2. My nephew lives on Raymond Island, where there is a koala sanctuary. He says the same. Apparently it sounds nightmarish – and always at night. They warned us about it when we visited. But we heard nothing. They also have koalas popping in to amble around their property, sitting on their decking…

  1. I think it depends where you go, Opher. Here in Adelaide they turn up in peoples’ yards, have been found in all sorts of odd places in suburbia looking for shelter from the heat or the storms. The local councils provide training for looking after rescue koalas that have been injured or orphaned until they can be returned to the wild. That is something I would love to do but we have a dog, so no. Kangaroo Island has a burgeoning population that is being neutered as the concern is they will eat themselves out of food. They are also being relocated elsewhere in Australia where populations are declining. Raymond Island in Victoria is a thriving, protected koala sanctuary. I’ve seen many koalas in the wild curled up sleeping in the tree tops.

    1. We were down on the coast along from Sydney. People kept telling us that there used to be lots but they haven’t seen any for years. I got the same story from relatives in Brisbane. Perhaps it’s just a regional thing?

      1. Maybe the more heavily populated areas are worse off. I guess their habitats there have been destroyed. They also only eat a particular kind of eucalyptus leaf.

      2. Talking to the people around it sounded as if a lot of them get run over. When on the ground they aren’t the most nimble of animals.

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