Is there going to be a revolution? Just rioting? Or a civil war?

Automation and globalisation, coupled with excessive bonuses and exorbitant pay for entertainers and sportspeople, has created a divided society and that is only going to get worse. We have such inequality that it is creating hatred and hopelessness – not a good combination.

The workforce is no longer needed. Cheap labour can be exploited in the Third World at a fraction of the cost. Their work conditions and health and safety do not have to be of the highest standard.

Automation means that far less people are required. Even the army is best run through drones. War is automated.

We live in a consumer society where goods, services and entertainment is aggressively sold to us and we pay excessive amounts for the privilege.

The end result is that we have more extreme inequality. Society is divided into different bands:

  • The super-rich
  • The rich
  • The doing OK
  • The poor and struggling
  • The down and outs

It used to be the case that through education and hard work you could rise up to being either rich or OK. That is no longer the case. Too many people are locked into struggling or going under through no fault of their own. The jobs are going.

The super-rich are becoming increasingly richer. The wealth is being channelled to the top end.

Now I believe that either something is done to address this or there will be great social unrest.

It has already resulted in both Trump and Brexit as exasperated people opt for populist fixes. When these fail, as they will, what next?

Riots? Civil unrest? Civil War? Who knows?

Only Opher has the answers!!

12 thoughts on “Is there going to be a revolution? Just rioting? Or a civil war?

  1. And some people seem to think civil war is a good thing that will bring about needed change. Surely change can be accomplished without all that. Could turn into a bloody mess…

  2. Evening Opher, Namaste πŸ™‚

    It’s good to see someone at last using the syntax of reformation and asking a pertinent question in the process. Words like civil war, revolution, rioting, social unrest; this is the language of radical change, and whilst we talk have you noticed how high all of the security fencing is getting around ‘prestigious establishments and addresses?’ It’s almost as if Darth Mayfly had planned social unrest and dis-ease all along. In response to Mayfly’s cowardice I suggest Revolution, Rioting, and Civil War. Given that the Army have been shit-on from a great height one imagines there will be division in the armed forces and further division within services supporting failing infrastructures.

    Call me a cynic if you want to but imagine a scenario whereby loathsome American Insurance companies take ownership of the totally stripped down NHS (now at a rock bottom price) and civil war breaks out or social unrest reaches the stage when mass rioting takes place and there are millions who require immediate health care. What happens then?

    Capitalism has a finite point: the more the government rob from people to inflate the rich the less disposal income we have…what happens when people stop buying goods and services or can only afford basic commodities rather than superfluous items? There is the distinct possibility long before we reach that point when the public will say enough is enough and are inspired en mass to force change to take place. It’s all going get very messy indeed.

    My perspective if asked would be to hope that non-violent change can take place, but I do not think that likely. I envisage rioting escalating to mob rule, army on the streets and guerrilla warfare on the streets of the UK before The People topple the regime and put to the sword outdated, outmoded, unwanted and thoroughly distrusted and arrogant traditions and habits of elitist regimes, fascist states, and governance by brutality and utter neglect. I also see the monarchy fading rapidly away….there will be no room for self-appointed tax-payer funded elitist to live in luxury and splendour when outside of the palace children are starving, families are destitute and thousands are homeless on the streets of London. The Royal have done nothing to ensure the safety, health or freedoms of UK citizens but have continued to gain more and more wealth from the people. The Royals are elitist and will serve no purpose whatsoever in the future: they do nothing for the people now.

    However it may come change is going to be rapid and far-reaching: power bases will be toppled, the earth will be readied and tendered to receive a new seed, one not already rotten and defective but one growing new infrastructures and new social structures from the ashes to raise a new world centred on creative endeavour and the perfecting of the human condition. There will be no division between people based on monetary wealth…the end goal of humanity is to rise ourselves far above the need to organise our civilization around wealth and money: that is not our natural state of being but one enforced upon our innocence at birth. What it promotes in society is division and stratification and foregrounds human base values rather than encouraging the human beings to become better at being human. Remove money as the central axis upon which the earth spins and the earth will spin more freely and with less pain than it does now. The Earth, she weeps for her children, but only the meek will ever hear her.

    Major change is coming and what it will need will be effective leadership from someone who will not be corrupted by money, whose integrity will remain unimpeachable, whose character will not be soiled, whose morals will not be traded, and who will never sell their soul for money in order to lie, cheat, steal, and destroy societies. They will not fall foul of the bankers and other hugely corrupt power bases demanding compliance (or else?) nor will they ever put themselves first before the People have been ‘fed’. It is very difficult to imagine utopia or the ideal state ever a reality but we can certainly work towards that cherished goal and we must do so very quickly indeed before Mayfly fecks it all up completely and many, many thousands more die on UK streets.

    And you Opher, what do you think?

    I’ve just being catching up with all the reports on that runt MP, Hunt, who should be and removed very rapidly from office, although he’s just the paid pet holding out his grubby a paw wanting more more and more for himself whilst behind the scenes the machinations of the evil empire under Mayfly are tearing another arse-hole for the UK public. Don’t let your attention be diverted, there is something very wicked going on beneath the radar and it will emerge soon enough. Perhaps when it does that will be the catalyst to ignite the Red Fuse and launch the rocket of revolution, transformation and change.

    I shall keep my fingers crossed.

    Love and World Peace. Namaste πŸ™‚


    1. You make a pertinent point Dewin – when the rich have taken so much that we no longer have the wherewithal to consume their goods how are they going to make their profits?
      The NHS safe in Tory hands – the joke of the century. No public service is safe in their greedy hands.
      But my answer to your comment is in my next post – a poem wot I dun rote!

      1. Hey Opher, Namaste πŸ™‚

        Awesome, I shall look forward to reading said poem when chance next allows, thanks for the heads-up πŸ™‚

        Capitalist entropy – Politicians are so fecking blind and stupid that they fail to see, no matter what all matter suffers entropy, it’s why avarice inspired politicians grab all they can from their short term of office as they know they will not be around forever. The same ego-centric self-serving behaviour serves the basis of professional sport these days as well…yet for the rest of us whose job security is perilous and potentiality short-term at the hands of stinking fat lying greedy bastard politicians we don’t get paid inflated salaries or have capitalist business pay to protect our personal interests. We are just shat on from a height and constantly abused and told this is the norm get on with it else we’ll feck you up further by removing social security as ell from you. These abusive bastards think they are unimpeachable, believe the public cannot get to them: but they are so wrong to dismiss the force of public sentiment, to continue to believe that the People will not stand up against then and spit in their faces. Crowd-funding is beginning to prove a very popular way of funding legal attacks on government: But dare I trust the law hasn’t already been sold out to capitalist pigs or is managed by the same sense of self-serving greed: after-all one never meets a poor Lawyer working for a fascist government. Only time will tell of course, but in the meantime we the People will have more and more taken from us both in terms of rights and money until we cannot eat, work, sleep, rest or play unless we are making someone fat on our efforts or are paying to make someone fat keeping ourselves alive. Either way there will come a day when there are no freedoms because everything will cost money. And if you ain’t got any money, there will be no social security system to support you, and you will be on your own. The future will find more and more homeless and destitute, else tied to charity and supported by public sentiment. The future will remove all responsibilities for you and me as citizens but will demand total compliance to the demands of their poisoned myopic wicked evil minds, which rumour has it are also the same size as Trumps little hand πŸ˜‰

        Regards prosecuting politicians: we would all like Hunt to know he is considered by everyone using the NHS to be a degenerate thoughtless ignoramus and always a typing error away from us telling him the truth.

        Looking forward to the poem. Enjoy your day.

        Love and Peace and an End to Tory Fascism. Namaste πŸ™‚


      2. Surely the public will soon waken to the reality of these shameless tyrants? The havoc they wreak is inexcusable. They have no morals or conscience. It is only a matter of time.

      3. Why am I thinking of the 2,128 rail stations closed in the 1960’s by Wilson that took the country back to the 18th century?
        Why am I thinking of all our rat infested cities strewn with giant piles of rubbish sacks, constant electricity cuts and constant industrial action three-day weeks under Wilson and then Callaghan in the 1970’s?
        Somebody call the doctor…

      4. Simon – I don’t know why you’re thinking that. I am thinking of the riots on the streets over the poll tax and miners’ strike, the Brixton riots, the anti-gay legislation and the tax give-aways to the rich. I’m thinking about the lies and hypocrisy from Tory ministers and the way they walk straight into high paying jobs. I’m thinking about fairness and justice and the lies in the media, and the way the wealthy use their money to prevent Labour governments working properly. I’m thinking about the setting up of the NHS, the fighting for fair wages and the big fight for one person one vote.

  3. Hey Opher, Namaste πŸ™‚

    Agreed, it is all a matter of time, that is why Mayfly and the government are hiding from the public because they fear retribution abuse and because ‘they cannot handle the truth.’ And neither could the UK People if ever the full truth came to light, which will happen following transformation and change. Lies will be exposed and those responsible will find their lives changed way beyond their wildest imaginations. Gallbloggers recently posted a prophetic poem whereby a homeless meets a blind beggar called Theresa May. It is a vision of the future when the People take back from those who have stolen from them and leave them destitute, despairing, hungry, in poverty and dreading the next night sleeping rough as a Homeless person. I am a compassionate man but even I agreed with the prophet’s sentiments: I too would only piss in her begging pot.

    When will the Lion that is The People ever wake up? I think the next big turn of the fascist screw will be sufficient to at least spark at the fuse of a rocket that will go H-bomb like Jonny Rotten once prophesised back in 1977. The public have been asleep for so many years that they have fallen into apathy and a dreams state: believing all the crap that is pumped out by shady media empires and which distorts a human being’s world view, compromises it to a point where habit becomes belief that the system within which one is immersed is rightful and correct: that there is no other way of being governed or cementing society without money being the driving force enforced by a very, very small group of very wicked people. Governments pander to these evil beings for they manage the purse strings, own entire economies and are basically the money lenders (as it were) who hold the world’s governments in the palm of their hand and iat their mercy. This tyrannical control permeates society through governments who owe trillions as debt to these loan-sharks known as Cabals.

    Dude, I know you are very pressed and word-pressed for time, but if you have chance to watch the full sic hours of the following lecture given by David Icke, and watch it with a very open mind whilst you keep ideas about the current state of the world at the forefront of your mind. I find all 6 hours of this mesmerising. It is enough to almost overwhelm and drown the mind in alternative thought, but to his credit and whatever the media have said about him, David Ice now fills entire stadiums with his lectures. He has dedicated many, many years pursuing interest in the alternative reality currently the shadow empire beneath all of our wings. Please watch it and urge others to watch it even if that is only pertinent sections of it) that convince of the shadow within.

    Good man πŸ™‚

    We all have to do our bit to waker the world up, to encourage others to open their eyes to the reasons behind society crumbling at the despotic command of self-serving minorities who manage us with disdain, contempt and disrespect sufficient to consider our life largely irrelevant other than as a resource for making them richer, fatter, more heinously ugly ooking feasting on depravity, lies and flies.

    Keep fighting the last good fight dude, and Master Jedi, hold the line up North….the Rebellion must be ready when duty calls wielding light sabres to restore light to the universe. The Empire must be removed and the Death Star that is Number 10 be occupied by sunlight not moonlight or moonlighting the Devils dance.

    Love and World Peace. Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. We MUST change the world dude before the world’s governments return civilisation back to the Neanderthal state.

        Keep rocking, keep fighting, keep smiling like you always knew victory was a certainty for The People!

        May the H-Bomb of Harmony be unleashed upon the World! Namaste:)


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