Sambodhi Chaithya – Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple

As soon as you hit Colombo you see it. It dominates the skyline and is so unusual that you are not at first sure what it can be. It is Sambodhi Chaithya the Buddhist Temple.

It is up in the air. You have to climb up a lot of stairs to get into the place.

We went up at sunset to get a view over the sea and city. The murals were really interesting too.

6 thoughts on “Sambodhi Chaithya – Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple

      1. I think it is because it isn’t actually a religion; it’s a philosophy. I like the idea of being in control of oneself and practicing love and kindness to all creatures.

      2. Yeah I really liked that part too! I like that they don’t blame things on god and the devil which means you have to take responsibility for your actions which we need to do. And that all living things are important!

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