Give me a strong government every day and make it accountable.

I know what liberty means to me – free speech, the right to believe what I want, equality, the intellectual ability to think for myself, freedom from being indoctrinated with nationalism, religion or politics, freedom to dress as I like, to think what I like and not have censorship, not to be bullied, abused, exploited or debased, not to be oppressed, used as a commodity or economic unit, and the right to express myself. In fact all the things laid out in the UN Declaration of Human Rights – the perfect document espousing what liberty really is.

In order to have liberty I need a good education system, freedom from worry about health and unemployment, old age and infirmity, freedom to move around and live where I want, protection from thugs, bullies and crime, defence against enemies, and a life that is comfortable without fear of starvation, overwork, or danger.

In other words I need a strong government that protects its citizens, educates them, cares for them and looks after them, that puts in the roads and infrastructure, stops the wealthy and powerful from dictating, exploiting and using, demands equality and regulates everything preventing big business from harming us and the planet.

Without that the powerful pollute, exploit, keep everyone dumb, run roughshod over the environment and health and safety rules and don’t care a shit about our rights, safety or freedoms.

Give me a strong government every day and make it accountable.

10 thoughts on “Give me a strong government every day and make it accountable.

  1. Yes, but you need people to make it accountable . A vicious circle. The greatest cause of suffering today, the greatest expense, is failure of governments to function.

      1. There seem to be some people who think they are so strong, they want to live in the wild, do everything for themselves and don’t need anything from anyone. They don’t need government, laws, education, healthcare, roads, police or anybody else. They think that taxation is theft and that they can get by on their own. I think they have pioneer blues. I call it the Davy Croket syndrome.

      2. There are some for sure who are in that camp. But I don’t see millennials functioning that way. That seems far too simple for them. They’re into networking and all that. And I think, in the end, they will be the ones who influence the next election the most. Not sure who is going to come out on top… What are your thoughts on the millennials?

  2. When I was teaching the kids were amazing. They were very switched on and perceptive. I think they’ll make good decisions if they get involved. They do tend to get involved with too much social networking and trivia.

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