Some basic improvements to human biochemistry.

It is not just at the physical level that the human body is badly designed. There are numerous improvements that could be made at a biochemical level. Because our bodies have evolved and not been designed they have a number of inherent faults or areas that could function much better:

  1. The liver could manufacture and store all the 22 amino acids (like plants can). This would mean that we would not need to eat as much protein and we would not need to produce poisonous excretory products (such as urea) from the breakdown of excess amino acids that cannot be stored.
  2. We could have chlorophyll (like plants) which would enable us to produce some of our food from carbon dioxide and water (like plants do). It would mean we’d need less food and we’d produce some of our oxygen and use up some of our carbon dioxide – win, win, win.
  3. We could do away with deleterious genes. We all have a plethora of flawed genes which cause illnesses ranging from colour blindness to cancer, brain damage to heart disease and a range of other nasty illnesses. These are mainly recessive, which is why we are not allowed to marry close relatives (who will likely have the same damaged genes so the illnesses will be more prevalent) and it is best to marry someone from a different race (who is likely to have a different set of flawed genes so they are not likely to match up).
  4. We have many autoimmune problems that lead to such diseases as lupus, arthritis, multiple sclerosis. A better chemistry would deal with these.
  5. The liver could process lipids better so that cholesterol did not clog up arteries causing heart attacks and strokes.
  6. We could have more brown fat (rich in mitochondria) to burn off excess fats so that nobody became obese despite whatever diet they had.
  7. We could remove all the satellite DNA clogging up our chromosomes. Most of the DNA sequences are gobblegook, coding for nothing. They have built up over millions of years from defunct genes or copied sequences and have no purpose – like the old programmes and files clogging up our computers that require defragging.
  8. We could have a system that cleans the brain of impurities so that waste proteins don’t clog up the brain causing dementia.
  9. We could have articular cartilage that was more active at repairing itself so that our joints don’t wear out.


The possibilities for improving the human body on a biochemical level are endless. It is like it is because it is the product of evolution and not design. With a little thought the improvements would be immense.

2 thoughts on “Some basic improvements to human biochemistry.

  1. Fascinating post, Opher. You’re hired! When can you begin? Question: Do you think that what is being learned about genetics from research and experimentation on cloning could be used someday to make improvements?

    1. Oh yes John. They can do that already. They have techniques to take a gene from a plant or animal and put it into a human. They have already made pigs that glow in the dark by putting genes for bioluminescence from jellyfish into the genome of a pig. Could do that with humans if it was thought ethical.
      We could take a gene from a plant and splice it into a human. There’s no end to the possibilities. The two things holding us back are the unscrupulous companies who would use it for profit and the ethics largely dictated from the religious groups. People are also concerned that these tampered genes could find their way into other organisms and nature.
      Genetic modification has only just begun. We willlikely bring back extinct organisms like dodos.

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