The Vagina is too small? Opher’s solution.

I could make a fortune out of Opher helmets!

Opher's World

As was posted on the great site – The True Nature of Human Nature –

The vagina is clearly not big enough. If it had been designed I think a far more effective means of birth could easily have been devised. Unfortunately he present system has evolved and not been created by some superbeing, hence it is far from perfect. Women suffer great agonies in childbirth, have life-threatening complication, require major surgery and die. Babies suffer trauma, suffer brain damage and die. Birth is far from easy due to the poor design of the apparatus. The vagina simply isn’t big enough. Evolution has caused us to develop intelligence which requires big brains. Big brains require big heads and big heads are being squeezed through too small a hole with all the complications that creates.

Having been at the birth of all four of my children and delivered one, I…

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