Jeremy Corbyn speaking from the heart. A speech to the bankers.

Why don’t we get to hear this kind of speech? Why do the media portray him so badly? Because they are scared of him.

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  1. Corbyn is a lying weasel and demonstrated it clearly during his interview with Andrew Neil this evening. He denied he had ever supported the IRA but couldn’t explain why he had attended over 80 hardcore IRA meetings; attended an IRA funeral; invited IRA members to the Commons days after the Brighton bombing and most importantly why 2 senior IRA men have said that Corbyn did not support and was not part of a peace process but wanted the IRA to defeat the British government to facilitate a united Ireland ie inflict massive casualties on British soldiers. At least McDonnell has apologised for supporting the IRA and Abbott was honest in stating that she wanted the IRA to defeat the British government. Imagine the security of the UK in the hands of Corbyn and Abbott as Home Secretary. How much more evidence do people need before they realise this man Corbyn is a lying sham and unfit to be prime minister of the UK?

    1. Well I disagree with all of that Bede. He is the only hope for this country. If the Tories get in again it is goodbye to public services and goodbye prosperity. They are a thoroughly evil bunch who represent the top 10% and do not give a knack for anyone else. They are screwing the poor into the ground. I think you focus on one aspect and blow it right out of proportion.

    2. Well said Sir, how can Corbyn deny his links with the IRA when they are on record when he never showed any shame in his support for them. Trust him, McDonnell or that b…h Abbott like hell. As A previous Labour supporter heI was betrayed by Tony Blair and what he did, as for Corbyn terrifies me what he would do in charge of this Country with severe Terrorist Attacks going on, invite ISIS Muslim Terrorists in for Beer and sandwiches.

      1. Terrorism is not the biggest threat to this country – the Tory dismantling of the public services is. That includes the police and the armed services. They are hell-bent on a range of stupid policies – free schools, grammar schools, religious schools, pay cuts, and slashing social services while giving huge tax cuts to the wealthy. It stinks.
        I have just seen Corbyn in Hull and he was brilliant and inspiring with a real positive message for the future. At last we have some sanity and policies that make sense – to end austerity and invest in the future.
        Corbyn does not defend terrorists. He won’t be cutting the police and army. We’ll be far safer.
        The IRA is a thing of the past. We have to move on. The Tories represent an oppressive support of the wealthy. They disgust me.
        This is a red herring.

  2. The Institute for Fiscal Studies have said that if Labour’s proposed economic policies are implemented, we will have the highest tax burden in history; that the amount Labour calculate they will raise through their tax proposals cannot be realised by simply taxing the £80k+ earners and by increasing corporation tax to 26%; the tax burden will fall on the whole country and their proposal to issue government bonds to renationalise the water industries etc. cannot be repaid by the projected income from the industries after nationalisation. It is an ill-thought out & speculative economic manifesto and will cripple the country like they did in the 70s.
    I take it you don’t think a future prime minister who has advocated the killing of British soldiers within the previous 25 years should be unsuited to serve in that office. The evidence against Corbyn on the IRA issue is overwhelming & the most relevant evidence comes from the IRA commanders themselves. You blind yourself to the obvious.
    Labour would have a far more credible team if they elected someone like Angela Eagle as leader. Instead they have the lying weasel Corbyn and the shambolic Abbott & Thornberry in important government posts. It’s Alice in Wonderland.

    1. I don’t believe the rubbish about Corbyn and the IRA. I believe that has been blown up out of all proportion.
      He might not be able to bring in all his programmes. It is ambitious. But at least it is moving in the right direction. Under Corbyn the Public Services will be protected and public servants paid and valued. Under the Tories they are being destroyed. I value education, health, police and social workers highly. They are being trashed.
      I am greatly in favour of more equality and higher taxation for the rich and I am greatly in favour of nationalisation of key industries – trains, gas, electricity and water. They should not be run to cream off profits for rich investors.
      If they had elected Angela or any of the others they would just have been watered down Tories. Now we have a real socialist agenda. It is brilliant.

      1. Opher, You shock me you “do not believe the rubbish about Corbyn and the IRA”, who are you trying to fool. Its on Record Corbyn’s support for the IRA and the Murders of British Soldiers, British Soldiers that were protecting your life along with the rest of us. You deny Corbyn’s connections he was a strong supporter of the IRA he was a bloody Traitor to this Country, you must be so wrapped up in Labour propaganda. Oh dear and you are preaching the next generation of how safe this Country would be in the hands of Corbyn, you condemn the Tories, support Labour fine, don’t preach lies about Corbyn.

      2. I never tell lies Anna. I say it how I see it. Corbyn is a breath of fresh air. His policies are brilliant. Nobody has said it better.

  3. Did I say you told lies, you always twist it that you have personally been attacked, how can I have a debate with you. To deny Corbyn’s links with the IRA is ridiculous. It is not in the past not for those that suffered, as many Irish people Catholics suffered at the hands of the IRA. I do not forget Warrington, you may do, I do not. “Terrorism is not the biggest threat to this Country” you claim that. Be interesting to hear what Manchester thinks, what London Westminster thinks, what the family of Lee Rigby think and all the past and future victims of these barbaric Muslim Isis Terrorists. I would not want to trust the safety of this Country with Corbyn or that evil McDonell who still supports the IRA or that moron Abbot. I know you won’t agree!!

    1. You said – don’t tell lies about Corbyn. I’m not. I don’t tell lies.
      For you terrorism is a number one threat. For me it isn’t.
      I feel incredibly sad about all the victims of the insane fanatical extreme Islamists. They are barbaric and need dealing with. But the threat is out of proportion. That is not the main issue and I do not believe either party will be better or worse at dealing with it.
      I bet more people have died from the changes in social care the Tories callously brought in than have been killed by terrorists.
      What the Tories are doing to public services is appalling. They disgust me.
      What is happening with schools, hospitals and social care is much more important. The Tories are robbing them to give to the rich with tax cuts.
      Corbyn will put that right.

  4. Opher, you are brainwashed by the Corbyn sham. You disregard the most compelling evidence. Just this morning Diane Abbott confirmed that she and Corbyn supported the IRA. She said she had moved on. Pass your view to the relatives of the 1800 innocent men, women and children murdered by the IRA during its campaign terror which was supported by Corbyn and Abbott. Even the IRA say Corbyn supported their campaign. What more proof do you require?
    The Tories have increased counter terrorist funding. The police and social services are not much good at preventing terrorist atrocities. They have limited roles in society. Schools have virtually no influence on preventing terrorism. Those behind terrorist attacks bypass such institutions easily. The absolute ideology behind attacks like Manchester, Westminster, Greenwich and the rest is contemptuous of those institutions.The prime purpose of any government is the protection of its citizens not the rewarding of its public servants who tend to have secure jobs with good pensions attached. I fail to understand how some public servants like NHS managers, BBC executives and Local Authority executives can justify earning sometimes 4x the salary of the Prime Minister. They are not being rewarded from profits made by a private company. They are often paid for failure like the incompetence shown by the social services and police in the numerous grooming cases across the UK. You spent your working life as a public servant so you are bias.

    1. Terrorism is not the main issue. It is a minor issue compared to everything else.
      The education of children is paramount.
      Religious schools, free schools and grammar schools are all plain stupid.
      The creeping privatisation and lack of funding in the NHS, the running down of social services and the care of the elderly.
      Nurses, teachers and social workers are poorly paid and have had ridiculous pay cuts.
      Running down the army and police force is not a good idea.
      I wamnt a country where nurses do not have to go to food banks while the rich bankers double their pay.
      Those are the issues for me – not the IRA. That’s been and gone.
      I know Labour would not make the country unsafe. It will be as good, if not better than the Tories.
      You’ve always been a Tory supporter. There’s your bias.

      1. I am sorry but your Nurses going to food banks – dear oh dear what left wing papers have you been reading. You have a Son/Daughter in law or two Sons all in public services, you yourself was a Teacher – you have a damn good pension. I don’t know many people who can go on so many holidays seeing the World. Nurses at food banks!!!!! right but they have enough money for fags and booze. Do you know where most of the wastage in the HNS is caused, by the nhs I know and thats the truth. For so many “poor” people in this country they get far too much benefits. There are those who deserve real help not all unemployed single mothers etc etc are desperate. There is a company in this Town who is advertising 8 Vacancies for different jobs, thats a lot in this Town NO ONE HAS APPLIED not even for one job. When my eldest Son was unemployed he went to volunteer in a Charity Shop, they now employ him. Most unemployed won’t get off their arse, you may not like the truth. You think Labour would do a good job what like previous Labour governments, Labour Governments I supported and voted for and regretted doing so. I will vote for who I feel will keep this Country secure and Push through on Brexit something you are still so utterly bitter about. 42 years ago when Ted Heath won on the Common Market those opposed like me just got on with it, did not behave like the bitter ones now.

        As for Corbyn and Abbott, the IRA has not gone away nor should it. Say the IRA is forgotten to all those Catholics all those Protestants MURDERED by those IRA bastards. Say to little Tim Parry’s Father and Mother the IRA is in the past. Corbyn invited the IRA to Parliament. Corbyn. Macdonnell, Abbott still support the IRA. Are you forgetting the IRA trained with groups like ISIS. Terrorism is not important issue, well it is.

      2. My pension is good Anna. I was a Headteacher with long service. I can’t complain. I had a very onerous, high-powered job, worked long hours, with much responsibility and stress and was certainly worth every penny I was paid. Being responsible for a thousand people is not something you take lightly. My sons and daughter-in-law – all working in teaching, nursing and police – certainly do not and will not enjoy anything like what I have earned.
        Yes there are young nurses starting out having to use food banks.
        You say I’ve been reading too much Left-wing press. There isn’t any. Just tell me what you consider left-wing?
        The picture you paint of the nurses and unemployed is straight out of the Murdock tabloids. All the ones I’ve met are nothing like that. The way you talk of them is disgusting. When I think of the hard working, dedicated friends of my sons and daughter-in-law and what they have to put up with I am shocked that you have swallowed the Tory line on it. Public servants have been pilloried and blamed by the Tories while their rich chums have prospered beyond belief.
        Compared to the few scroungers who buck the system the wealthy bastards doing illegal tax deals to avoid contributing to the country cost us thousands of times more. Yet they break the law with impunity and receive all the tax breaks going. It is obscene. I’m afraid you’ve fallen for the standard Tory lies.
        It is amazing how quickly they all turn into angels when there’s an atrocity. My son worked for A&E and spent time picking up body parts after car crashes, trying to resuscitate children and sitting with dying children. My daughter-in-law has had to knock on doors and tell parents their kids are dead. Their pay is pathetic. While greedy bankers have doubled their millions!! They are worth every penny they are paid and do not deserve the pay cuts and pension slashing this government have doled out so that they can cut taxes for the wealthy.
        Yes there are some scroungers who have abused the system and a lot of workshy people. But the sort of jobs they are offered pay peanuts and one has to ask why? The well-paid prestigious jobs for working people in mining, shipbuilding, steel, car production have all gone. They have been left adrift stacking shelves or answering phones for next to nothing without much pay or pride.
        I’m sorry my travelling has called envy. I had a feeling it might – though my friends have enjoyed me writing about my adventures. I worked for forty years and took retirement to read, write and travel. That is what I do with gusto. We put money aside to enable us to do that. My job as a Headteacher gave me the means. I am aware that not everyone can do that. But we do not squander money. We received a cruise offer on a small ship that was not much more than if we’d stayed at home – within most people’s price bracket. I don’t have to feel guilty about that Anna. I worked for it and received much less for my work than if I had done a comparable job in the private sector.
        I didn’t say the IRA is forgotten or that terrorism and ISIS should be stamped out. They need the full force.
        I am saying that we have to move on and keep the threat realistic. Manchester had around a hundred casualties – twenty two deaths – 1.3 million people die on roads around the world each year. 1,700 die each year in Britain. Each one of those is equally horrendous and tragic. There were 573 murders last year – up 11% due to Tory policies. That means that the Tories are responsible for 60 deaths last year doesn’t it? In the last fifteen years only 90 people have been killed by terrorists. Each one is a tragedy and it is 90 too many but keep it in proportion. We aren’t terrified of driving are we?
        Labour will undoubtedly be fairer, reduce inequality and keep us safer.
        Don’t fall for Tory lies Anna. You focus on one thing and rubbish people because of it. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. The Blair government was financially the most successful of all. They paid public services and regenerated inner cities. The war was a mistake but does not take away all the achievements.
        The Tories are getting away with murder and you are backing them.
        By the way – Brexit was probably the biggest mistake this country has made. It will cost our children and grandchildren dearly and impoverish the nation. It is a Tory right-wing bonanza – but they’ll be fine. They’ll make billions out of it. It will be the poor who will pick up the bill.

  5. I have always been a Tory supporter? Terrorism is a minor issue? You live on a different planet. I was a member of the Labour party and canvassing for my local Labour MP, Shirley Summerskill, long before you even considered politics. My father started the union at his place of work and was its convener. Terrorism is responsible for genocide, mass rapes and enslavement of civilians and you describe it as a “minor issue”. Where is your brain?
    No nurse, teacher or social worker has had a pay cut. Where’s your evidence? You should remember who pays for our public services. It’s not public servants like you. It’s the higher rate tax payers like the wealth creators and the successful businesses which have worked hard and taken risks to build up those businesses not sat on their arses every day knowing there is a pay check from the government at the end of the month no matter what.
    I understand why you are bias in your view of education. I take it by education you mean formal education in schools. That education is just a small part of a person’s development. A child spends more time outside school in society that it does within a school environment. Where children come from a home environment where a belief in an absolute ideology prevails, formal school education has a negligible influence on a child’s development. Your teaching experience has been based in a safe, middle class country area or a largely white working class city area. You have no experience of inner city schools in London, Birmingham, Manchester etc.
    Maybe you have failed to notice but the modern version of the IRA is still leaving bombs in NI. That however is not the main issue. Corbyn is vacuous and chooses to align himself with extreme causes. He calls Hamas & Hezbollah friends. He has endorsed the Iranian regime by his visits. He supported an organisation which had the avowed purpose of killing innocent civilians, NI policemen and British soldiers. 100 years ago he would have been hanged for that like Sir Roger Casement was. But to you that is no longer relevant and can be dismissed as minor. Maybe if you had been touched personally by one of the many atrocities like thousands have then you would think differently. Being in you little safe bubble you can overlook the heinous crimes committed by terrorists and their supporters.

    1. Obviously if I had been touched by tragedy I’d think differently. But so few are. More people are touched by tragedy through road deaths, general accidents and illness. Terrorism is terrible but we need to keep it in proportion. The fear/hate response is exactly what they want. In this country it is marginal.
      The reason I, as a pacifist, advocate military action against ISIS is because of the appalling crimes they are committing elsewhere.
      My experience in inner city schools is limited. I only taught for three weeks in London and a year in Los Angeles, but my school was not the twee middle-class school you portray. Over half of our kids were from the big council estates. There were some tough nuts and severely deprived/ abused kids.
      Don’t underestimate the power a school can exert on a student. It can change their lives and attitudes. It is a powerful force.
      Of course the public servants have had big real pay cuts. They have been on a pay freeze for years now. Their pay is well below what it should be. They’ve also suffered big changes to their pensions. It is short sighted and what the Tories always do. They rob the poor to give massive tax cuts to the wealthy. While the top end have doubled their income the bottom end have suffered badly. The inequality gap has greatly increased.

    2. Bernard Nalson. I agree totally with you on all you said Sir. For me Terrorism is and should be high on the agenda of any Government. I would be terrified if the safety of this Country was left in the hands of Corbyn and co. I remember only too well when the bombs from the IRA went off in this Country, coming from a Catholic Southern Ireland Parents I know about the History of Ireland and GB. IRA or ISIS they are all Terrorists and I would fight against anyone who was opposed to the safety of this Country. Indeed Corbyn would have been treated like Sir Roger Casement.

      1. Anna, Bede is a good friend of mine going way back to the 60s. We argue a lot about everything.
        Me thinks your terror of terrorism takes away your sense.
        The country would be safer in Corbyn’s hands than May’s. She’s cutting to the bone. He’ll put the money in.

  6. Your assertion, Opher, that your are a pacifist conflicts with your support for Blair in entering the 2003 Iraq war. You have shifted your stance in a similar way to Corbyn does. Was your haircut different in 2003 like Diane’s was in 1998? Are you going to admit that you stated that you supported the Iraq War or do I have to trawl through all our exchanges until I find the evidence?
    Your assertion that New Labour was financially successful is laughable. They removed controls from the City which led to toxic lending. They sold half our gold reserves at a rock bottom price. They left the biggest deficit in history. It is now 25% of what it was when Labour were ousted. The government cannot start to reduce the country’s debt until it has removed the deficit. Our car industry is in a far stronger position than it was in the 70s under Labour. Coal mining has gone but the country wants greener energy. I am sure you do. Steel production can’t compete with cheaper labour abroad like textiles in the 60s & 70s. We are world leaders in technology. Unemployment is at its lowest for 40 years. Our financial sector is the biggest in the world & earns a lot of income for the country.
    The prime function of any government is the security of its citizens. There may be more road deaths than deaths caused by terrorism in the UK but road deaths are by and large accidental deaths. Deaths caused by terrorism cause insecurity and distress amongst the population. In addition I believe we have a duty generally to help prevent genocide and enslavement in the world & not simply take the view that “I am all right Jack”. Corbyn says the war on terrorism cannot work. It’s working in Iraq and Syria. ISIS are on the retreat and will soon be removed from the areas they turned into a caliphate. We will never remove completely the threat of terrorist attacks. Globalisation means terrorists can travel across countries easily and acquire the means to cause death on a large scale. They are many people like ISIS members and al-Queda who believe they are acting on God’s will and that their version of Islam will dominate the world. You cannot shake that belief through dialogue. This is not the IRA we are talking about who wanted political solutions. These are people who want conversion or enslavement/death. End of.
    Preventing terrorism is not simply an issue of throwing money at it. Preventative measures can be taken by executive action with little expense, for example removing citizenship and the privilege of a British passport from those immigrants who have applied for and been granted citizenship through naturalisation. They can be deported back to their country of origin, Those wishing to return from the ISIS caliphate can be denied entry to the UK. Those are the kind of measures which Corbyn, Abbott and Thornberry oppose. Yesterday I heard Thornberry arguing that we could not refuse to accept returnees from ISIS because of international law. Bullshit. We can do what we like. She has obviously not read the International Law Treatise “Power Politics”. Thornberry made her living out of the Human Rights Act so she has a vested interest in the continuation of the Human Rights Act in case she loses her seat in the Commons. It would make my day if Corbyn, Abbott and Thornberry lost their seats.

    1. I am a pacifist. I do not believe war solves problems. I was not a supporter of the Iraq war. What I said was that the war was justified because of the monstrous sadism of Saddam and his sons. There is a fundamental difference. The question is whether it is best to remove a monster like that by force or not. A job for the UN in my opinion.
      I do not believe war will solve the evil of ISIS, A Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram or any of the other twisted Muslim ideologies. It will certainly drive them out of control of those regions but I suspect, as in Afghanistan, they will go underground, recruit and wage a terrorist guerilla war. There are no simplistic answers to complex problems.
      One has to address all the issues – overpopulation, lack of work, inequality, unjustified wars, the Palestinian situation, indoctrinating clerics, internet grooming, lies and propaganda, integration, racism.
      Some of those require political will, some require policing, some require a global vision and some require social action. Education plays a big role.
      I suggest you look at the financial information. You will find that Britain was in the black under most of Blair’s term. The only time it has been.
      The seeds of the financial crisis were sown by Thatcher, with Tory policies of deregulation, and continued by Blair – easy money – but the financial crisis was global and started in the USA. Brown reacted to the crisis and it went pear-shaped. But I’m not sure what else he could have done.
      Our financial services, along with many major companies, are already beginning to uproot and move to Europe (6000 so far). Brexit will lead to the impoverishment of the nation and accelerate our diminishing power.
      For someone who claims not you sound very much like a Tory Bede.
      Isn’t the bulk of the car industry owned by foreign investors so the profits go abroad?

  7. So destroying the infrastructure of a stable country where its citizens could freely go daily to work; disbanding its army and police force creating a vacuum in security and killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians; spending billions of British taxpayers’ money; witnessing the death and mutilation of thousands of British soldiers – all that was justified by the removal of Saddam Hussain? You need to get a grip. What about Kim Jong-Un? Would you justify destroying North Korea to rid the world of him because he treats his citizens far worse than Saddam Hussain ever did his?
    When amoral extremists are killing, torturing, raping and enslaving civilians in Iraq and Syria that requires a simple solution of eradicating them in the most efficient way available not through the woolly bullshit you recommend. The UN has shown itself on numerous occasions to be useless. Look at Rwanda. Look at Bosnia. The UN – do me a favour. It’s a waste of money. Countries will do what they like if they are sufficiently powerful. Countries like the USA, Russia, China and North Korea don’t give a damn about UN resolutions. Power trumps reason. That’s the reality.
    Corbyn & co are in their element sitting round an Islington dinner table putting the country and world at rights without actually doing anything positive. What has Corbyn ever done that is positive apart from grow vegetables on his allotment? He has lived off the public purse for almost his entire life whilst contributing very little to the country.

    1. Did I say that Bede? No I didn’t. I said that taking military action to remove a sadistic killer from power, who killed and tortured millions, was probably justified.
      Removing Kim Jong-In would be a last resort. If he was threatening people with nuclear bombs then maybe. But for me the best way to deal with him is through China. Diplomacy is always preferable.
      As I made quite clear – I am in favour of military action against ISIS precisely because of their barbaric actions. Is there a double standard here? Are you saying it is fine for Saddam to rape, torture, gas and carry out genocide without military intervention but ISIS doing the same thing need wiping out?
      Yes look at Rwanda. The UN did not step in and should have done. It is about time they were given more power and were no longer shackled by the USA, China and Russia.
      Bosnia – they did finally step in.
      Your military solution for ISIS will fail as quickly as the misinformed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya …… all failed without the methods I listed. I fear you’ve become too black and white Bede. There are no easy solutions or quick fixes. My thinking is far from woolly.
      Even if Corbyn was only growing vegetables, which he isn’t, that would be a damn sight better than the stupidity of Thatcher, Blair, Cameron and May.
      One minute you’re spouting war war war and the next you’re condemning people for waging it.
      There are better ways.

  8. Both my sons are bankers and work for American companies in the UK, one in the City of London. Neither has said anything about the possibility of moving abroad to work. It’s a global world not Little England. Overseas investors in the UK (and they have increased during the past 7 years) create jobs and ancillary benefits for suppliers and the like. They also invest their profits here in new infrastructure. Low corporation tax encourages entrepreneurs and small businesses who create jobs and spending power in their local economies. Corbyn et al want to cream off money from these enterprises to put into public services which are often notoriously wasteful. Just throwing more money at them will not improve them but create complacency. It’s easy to waste money when it’s not your money you are wasting.

    1. So you are saying that the banks and businesses have not already moved staff into Europe as widely reported? That’s fake news?
      Being at the heart of Europe to do business with Europe without impediment is what they are after. They don’t care where they are. If Britain no longer is the best option for trade in Europe they will, and are, simply moving part or all of their business somewhere where there won’t be tariffs or bureaucracy to overcome. It is already starting. It will get worse.
      Europe is by far our biggest trading partner. I do not believe the extra input from the rest of the world will fill the gap.
      You may defend the policy of giving money to the rich under the old chestnut of encouraging investment. I think it is immoral and the inequality gap is obscene.
      The same Tory chant of public services being wasteful. I’ve heard it all before. I am aware there is waste but that is usually down to the stupid policies put in by politicians. I have sons and daughter-in-law working in public services and I know how hard they work. I also know the amount of stupidity that comes through constantly from politicians of all parties creating unnecessary change and bureaucracy. That is the root of the problem.

  9. Militarily removing a despot in Iraq and supporting the invasion of Iraq by Western forces are different? Tell me what this fundamental difference is. Sounds like a sophism to me.
    I have not said that Saddam Hussain did nothing wrong but what happened in Iraq is nothing compared to what ISIS have done. Saddam Hussain wanted a stable country just like other despots like Gaddafi. Both were responsible for atrocities in subduing opposition to their governance but they didn’t embark on an ideological quest to kill, rape, enslave any civilians who didn’t share the same creed.
    What happened in Libya and what is happening in Syria/Iraq is different from the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the conflict in Afghanistan. The initial reason for involvement in Libya was to stop Gaddafi’s threat to wipe out the population of Benghazi whom he called “rats” using mercenary forces from sub-Sahara African countries. Gaddafi could have remained in power if he had acted differently in response to the protests in his country. In Syria and Iraq the Western forces are supporting the local forces with air support and military advice and equipment to regain control of their countries. They are not conducting an invasion of the country.
    Terrorism will be reduced once ISIS is defeated militarily. Of course it won’t disappear but those who engage in ideological terrorism are deaf to any form of education in the way you propose. They would agree with everything Corbyn asked for in discussion for peace then renege on them at will. You and Corbyn have no grasp of the mentality of such people.
    Libya is not a vacuum for terrorism as Corbyn alleges. To understand the situation in Libya you have to understand something of the history of the State. It is a country of numerous tribal allegiances which were forced under the governance of Gaddafi. Once that control disappeared the country was divided into areas controlled by local militias armed with weapons supplied from Gaddafi’s armouries. Al Qaeda and ISIS gained a foothold but only in small areas and they are opposed by the militias who fight them. The militias are not interested in spreading worldwide terrorism. They are into exploiting their local areas – sequestering vehicles, raping girls, taxing migrants etc. The Libyans behind the Manchester bombing were affiliated to Al Qaeda and ISIS and that must have been known to British security before the Manchester atrocity.

    1. I think the Kurds might say the same thing as the Benghazi’s. There was chemical weapons used on them and genocide. There were tens of thousands tortured and killed by Saddam and his sons. Are you suggesting it is just a question of scale?
      I am not defending invasion. I am saying the removal of a tyrant is justifiable. There is a sound argument for it.
      I agree that stage 1 is wiping out ISIS militarily. But that does not solve the problem. Drying up the money, the evil clerics and education is part of the answer.
      I am not talking about educating the indoctrinated fanatics. I am talking about educating children and integrating them into our values so they do not become the next generation of fanatics.
      The tribalism of Libya, and other Arab countries, is known and understood. But I think it has become a lawless place where terrorism can flourish.
      The Manchester terrorist was known. But with the number of suspects on record he was obviously considered low priority. The only way to deal with that is more resources.

  10. I’m aware that Saddam Hussain used chemical weapons on some Kurdish villages to quell attempts to create a separate Kurdish State but he didn’t murder millions of citizens as you allege. Where did you get that figure? He didn’t enslave people because they belonged to a different sect.
    Multinational banks have branches in various countries. Banks are making provision to have sub-offices in the EU because of Brexit. It doesn’t follow that they will remove all their business from the UK. After the Brexit vote you were scaremongering that the car manufacturers would leave the UK. They didn’t.
    The EU is our biggest trading partner. That’s true but what is also true is that the EU benefit from the arrangement more than we do. We have a £67b trading deficit with the EU. We buy more from them than they buy from us. Do you believe that the EU countries will want to sacrifice that advantage. For example, we are the biggest market for German cars outside Germany. What do you think would happen to VW/Audi and Mercedes sales figures if their cars were subject to tariffs in the UK? I believe that a sensible mutually-beneficial arrangement will be achieved for the UK leaving the EU. That would be in the interests of both parties.

    1. Maybe not millions but certainly hundreds of thousands. He murdered up to 100,000 in his war on Kurds. Hundreds of thousands when he attacked Iran and at least 35,000 when he invaded Kuwait. He tortured many more.
      ISIS may well be worse but it is only a question of degree.
      I do not believe they will all move to Europe but a significant portion will and that will be bad for our economy.
      We would have lost our car industry if May had not stepped in to say she’d use tax-payers money to cover the cost of tariffs. She bribed them to stay and it will cost us.
      I believe Farage and May have put their backs up and they need to make an example of us in order to hold Europe together. They’ll be prepared to take a hit in order to make a point. After all, that is what we are doing, isn’t it? We’re be taking a big hit and we voted for it – the biggest suicide in Britain’s history.

  11. Where do you source your figures? Up tp 100,000? That could be anything between 1 and 100,000. He tortured more than 100,000? Where does that come from? The death of Iranian and Iraqi soldiers was in a war between the two countries arising from a dispute over who owned some islands in the Gulf. It’s not just a question of degree. It’s a question of ideology also. Saddam Hussain had no plans to conquer the world and enslave its citizens despite Blair, who got your vote btw, telling us that he was amassing weapons of mass destruction which could strike at British territory within 45 minutes. You supported him. You said so. It was all justified in order to remove Saddam Hussain his Presidency, so you say.
    Lose our car industry? Where is the evidence for that assertion? You are referring to the assurances given to Nissan over our leaving the EU. Have you noticed there are other car manufacturers in the UK like Jaguar Land Rover which has recently posted record sales. I voted to remain but when the vote went the other way, I accepted it as a democratic decision. You firstly alleged that those who voted to leave were racist then embarked on a torrent of invective alleging that the country was doomed. Well so far, that has not happened. The economy is strong, unemployment is at a record 45 years’ low and all industry and banks have not departed these shores. I say wait and see what happens after the Brexit negotiations. We have a £67b trade deficit with the EU. Do you seriously believe that EU countries are willing to risk losing that benefit? VW/Audi & Mercedes, for example, would go under if we stopped buying their cars. I own 2 Mercedes and 2 Audis so that’s 4 purchases of German cars just by 1 person. If Germany were to stick tariffs on our goods then certainly I would stop buying theirs..

    1. The figures I came up with are off the web.
      I do not suggest that ISIS are on the same level as Saddam. I think they are much worse. But that doesn’t mean that Saddam didn’t need dealing with.
      I am referring to those assurances given to Nissan. May assured them that if tariffs are introduced the government will pick up the tab.
      We haven’t left yet. We haven’t paid that 100 Billion to the EU. We haven’t sorted any deal.
      Our employment level is mainly because of the low-pay explosion – zero hours and short contracts. It is the unfairness that rankles me.
      We’ll see how it works out. I think it is going to be bad. The EU aren’t going to give us a good deal. They are more worried about the EU breaking up. They’ll be prepared to take a hit. We will lose a lot of our banking and business to the EU. It will hit the economy.
      It has only just started.
      I do not share your optimism. It will deplete Britain.

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