A hand to hold – A poem of love and friendship.

This is a poem about love and friendship.

A Hand to Hold

I wish you always have a hand to hold

When the road is rough

And shadows jump;

An arm around your shoulder

When the wind bites

And dreams of loss sting the eyes:

Tender words to raise your spirits

When doubt erodes your hopes

To maroon you on the rocks;

And a friendly heart to share the joy,

Provide the warmth,

And generate the love,

That makes it all worthwhile.




A Hand to Hold

It was the John Martyn song May You Always Have that inspired me to write this love song.

As we go through life we always need a partner, companion or friend to share the wonder and the rough times. Sharing makes everything better.

12 thoughts on “A hand to hold – A poem of love and friendship.

  1. Lovely Poem Opher, you make it sound so good. Not all have someone to hold a hand and place an arm around the shoulder, and its lonely inside oneself, yet we adapt and pretend. But, words can help, those you read like yours and words one attempts to write.

      1. Opher, I can barely walk, I am on crutches and in extreme pain, thats why I have not been doing much on the internet. Hope you and yours are well.

      2. Anna I am so sorry to hear that. Is there nothing that can be done?
        We are all good at this end – very busy though.

  2. This started January then February I had a really bad fall hit the centre bone in my right leg off the edge of a thick glass tv table in my bedroom. Saw the Dr he gave me pain killers and all the time the pain was getting worse. Never had pain like it Opher, I have always been able to cope with pain but this is something else. Back and forth the Dr every two weeks, and Liquid Morphine prescribed which knocked me out but then the pain got worse and he gave me stronger Morphine did not work. Not able to put my right foot to the ground in the morning, screaming with the pain. I can’t use the Shower because I can’t stand for long and sometimes in the bath at night the leg goes into spasm and the pain I end up screaming and the boys have to help me. Told the Dr I was taking Bourbon with the Morphine he then decided to write to a Specialist, after 10 weeks I finally saw the Specialist, he was so thorough he mentioned perhaps a chip bone and muscle damage. Unfortunately, his being thorough has exacerbated the pain, can’t be helped. He arranged for an ultrasound which I had this Sunday afternoon just gone in Colchester Hospital, it took an hour. I now have to wait for the appointment to see the Specialist for the results, could take up to three weeks. Saw my own Dr, Monday and he admitted to me “I am so sorry I can’t do more for you”, I plucked up the courage and said “you are at a complete loss” which he nodded to. All I think about is pain pain and more pain I can’t sleep for the pain most times I don’t go to bed. Its been an absolute nightmare, I know if I ended up like this I could not take any more. My dream for San Francisco is still alive, it keeps me alive. You take care, nice to have you back, missed you.

    1. You poor thing. That sounds terrible. I hope they get it sorted soon. The ultrasound should identify what is up. You have one set-back after another. Life isn’t fair.
      I’m glad you still have SF to the fore. You will get there Anna. This will be sorted.

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