Rolling Stones – Opher’s World pays tribute to genius.

A bunch of geniuses!

Opher's World

The Rolling Stones came along in the wake of the Beatles, having taken their name from a Muddy Waters number, and stayed there in their wake right up until the Beatles broke up. They were considered unkempt and uncouth by the establishment with their long hair and surly looks but it is interesting to note that they still wore jackets and ties.
The Stones brought a harder Blues sound based on artists such as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Jimmy Reed and R&B covers from Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Rufus Thomas. They considered themselves to be more authentic and real because the Blues was an art-form a million miles away from Pop. The Stones were aficionados of a cultural style that was thought to be superior.
It was the ideal remedy for the jingly jangly chirpiness of the charting Merseyside bands with their suits and smiles. The Stones were…

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