Rolling Stones – Heartbreaker – a song of social importance.

Not lost any of its power!

Opher's World


The Stones don’t do a great number of songs with any social or political importance but this is one.

I thought it was particularly pertinent given the current concern regarding the gunning down of black youths by white police officers. The debate is whether there is an element of racism in the actions.

This song is concerned with the violence in the cities and the terrible drug situation. Heroin, Crystal Meth, Cocaine and many other drugs have taken a terrible toll on people. When are we going to get unbiased information and a responsible drugs law.

It is obvious to me that the war on drugs is lost and was wrong from the start. Drugs are a health issue and should have been an education issue. Prohibition has put money into organised crime and made the situation worse by glamourizing it.

The gun laws in the States are fuelling crime…

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