A Rolling Stones Day! The sixties scene and one of the best bands ever!

Well they started out in the Deep South Thames Delta as a Blues/R&B band – my old stompin’ ground. I lived ten miles away from where the Yardbirds and Stones used to trade riffs (not on the same night) in Richmond! I was a shade too young!

As a young kid I did buy all the singles and albums as they came out and still have them all. At the age of fourteen I was already into the blues and familiar with the likes of Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. It was great to hear the Stones doing such great covers of stuff like I Just Want to Make Love To You, I Can’t Be Satisfied and Little Red Rooster.

As the Stones progressed they went through a number of style changes – from Pop, Soul, Tamla and Reggae to Rock – but the Blues underpinned it all.

Live they were one of the best bands around. Jagger was, and is, amazing – athletic and a fantastic showman, Charlie keeps a superb rhythm and base with that jazz-inspired economy and Keith is the ultimate poser – nobody makes better shapes and riffs.

I’ve seen them a number of times, including Hyde Park with the genius of Mick Taylor.

I guess Exile is my favourite album but it’s a tough call!

Anyway – today is Stones day!

7 thoughts on “A Rolling Stones Day! The sixties scene and one of the best bands ever!

      1. Mick Taylor brought a lot to it, yes. I love the rawness. It is the kind of music that never feels old. I love the horns, it has so much of the America south. ‘New Orleans and the Dixie Deans, Dallas Texas and the Butter Queens’ haha! It makes me laugh, but some of it is very sad too. An epic album.

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