Hull – City of Culture – The Fabulous Blade!

How that managed to get such a colossal structure into the centre of Hull through all those narrow streets is beyond me. Well done guys!!

Great idea and brilliantly done!

Siemens is a major development for alternative energy (shame they are no longer bringing their research and development due to Brexit) and will help make Hull a thriving centre of wind technology. Just what we need – a major development of a great area – much needed jobs – and a big financial boost for the region.

Alternative energy is the future – wind, solar and tidal energy is sustainable and non-polluting! Forget your dirty coal, oil and gas!! Hull could become a centre for the whole world! So it was appropriate that the organisers of the year of culture thought up such a brilliant idea. It looks wonderful. It is massive. What a backdrop to the old buildings in the city centre.

Unfortunately it was a bit of a dank January day when we went! But it didn’t spoil it! I loved it.

Here’s a few photos:

p1160313-2 p1160317-2 p1160319-2 p1160320-2 p1160323-2 p1160330-2 p1160331-2 p1160334-2 p1160335-2 p1160338-2

Inside the refurbished Ferens Art Gallery.


Queen Victoria Square and the majestic blade in the twilight!

p1160350-2 p1160356-2 p1160360-2 p1160370-2 p1160373-2

4 thoughts on “Hull – City of Culture – The Fabulous Blade!

    1. The blade is a wind-turbine blade. They are enormous and being manufactured in Hull and transported to wind farms. In our year of culture it was a great idea to put one in the centre of the city so people could see the beauty and size of it close up. It is a work of art.

    1. Hull is doing an amazing job! Three absolute gems of events – Fireworks over the Humber – the light show – the blade! Great vision and superb execution. So much to see in Hull!! I can’t wait for the next great surprise!

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