Neil Young – Opher’s World pays tribute to Neil Young

A great man. Survived through many incarnations.

Opher's World

Neil youngTo have been the major contributor to a band of the stature of Buffalo Springfield was sufficient to be credited with being a leading force in Rock Music. But Neil’s stature is much greater than that. He was also a huge part of Crosby Stills, Nash and Young, the leader of Neil Young and Crazy Horse and a singer/songwriter who is just as happy acoustically.
As a songwriter his magnitude can only be measured by comparison with the great Bob Dylan. He doesn’t come close but at least he is right up there at the front of the leading pack. Whether electric or acoustic he delivers the goods. Whether writing or performing in the idiom of Folk, Country, Grunge or Hard Rock he gets it spot on.
Neil can move from delicate, melodic, sentimental songs, through atmospheric epics to thunderously chorded riffs that compare with the greatest monsters of Rock.

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