A Soujourn from Blogging.

I have been blogging for nearly three years and I have decided to take a bit of a break.

Blogging is very time consuming and I have a number of things of importance to turn my attention to. I want to focus on getting our new home sorted, doing some more serious writing, looking into publication and even getting a bit more reading in.

I have made some good friends through this blog. I don’t want to lose that friendship. So I will leave the blog active and maybe get back to it every now and again.

After my break I may come back and start up again. We’ll see.

So for two weeks I shall blog as normal. After that I shall take a break.

Thank you to everyone for your support, friendship and argument.

17 thoughts on “A Soujourn from Blogging.

  1. It all gets to be kind of much after a while, doesn’t it… IF the person is committed to their blog, which you certainly are. Non-bloggers don’t see what the big deal about blogging is, but that’s because they don’t take it seriously. I will be sad to see you take the time off, but I get it. Sorry I’ve missed so many lately. Just couldn’t keep up while we were in Maryland. {{{Opher}}} Take the time you need. You’ve just had a BIG life adjustment!

    • Cheers Andy. Hopefully I shall be back later. I intend blogging for a couple more weeks until the end of Jan. Then we’ll see. Too much writing to be doing!

  2. I totally get it Opher…..I’m finding myself loosing my ‘oomph’ …and my heart’s not in to lately….I just want you to know it’s meant a great deal to me knowing you’ve been ‘out there’ these last 95 days and I do hope we can stay connected ❤

    • You’ll get your oomph back eventually Linda. You are an inexorable being. The sadness will always be there but there will be joy, fun and discovery again. You are loved and there are people who need you. You know the phases.
      I’m glad I’ve been of some tiny help. There is nothing anyone can do other than say we care. I’ll still be around and I will still be connected. You take care and learn to be happy again.

      • ❤ Oh Opher I hope so….sometimes I feel as though I’m just going through the motions, afraid to take off the mask and let anyone see the pain I’m really feeling…I’m afraid it’s finally caught up with me…..

      • That is all part of the process I’m afraid. Grieving takes its many phases and has to be endured. But you will live again. Coming to terms with it is hard. Letting go is harder. Sometimes you feel it is a betrayal to ever feel happy again. But somehow you have to get through that. You cannot alter what has happened. There is no guilt. And it is not wrong or a betrayal to feel happy or love again. You will come to that yourself. That is what Jim would have wanted. He will always be part of you but some time in the future it will be time to move on. Not to forget him or leave him but for you to live. It is OK to live again. When the time is right that will be alright.
        Grieving takes its course. It moves forward – sometimes slowly – but you must allow yourself to heal. You can’t push it. You can’t force it. Your feelings must run their course. You loved and cherished each other. But you still have a life, love and people to cherish. There is a happy future ahead. You can allow yourself to seek fulfilment. It isn’t wrong. When your grieving is through you will move forward and learn to live with the sadness. It will always be there but it mustn’t consume you. It is not wrong to grieve and it is not wrong to move on.

  3. I’m not in the least surprised you want to take a break, Opher. You post a LOT. Once a day for me is hard enough much as I enjoy it. It’s not just the posts, is it. It’s all the behind the scenes stuff that is part and parcel of maintaining and growing a good blog and the relationships that come with it. You need time to settle yourself in your new home and find your groove there. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to continuing the friendship. Take care, rest, relax, do you stuff, have fun, wine/dine and romance your other half …. above all, enjoy the break and know that we will still be here waiting for your return 🙂

    • Well I hope everyone will still be there when I come back. We’ll see. It is nice having a community of people to relate to. I shall miss that. But I need a break.

  4. Hi, I’m not a regular follower of the blog, just stumbled across this. You could take a longer break or stop if you need to, but you could also try reducing the number of posts, maybe? For example, from multiple times a day to once a day. Or from once a day to alternate days. If not that, then twice a week or once a week. So this way, you could maintain consistency yet have less pressure to post. 🙂 But yeah, just a suggestion. It’s amazing you’ve been able to do this for 3 years already. 😀 Perhaps you could try guest blogging to expand your audience further, if you haven’t already. And sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and making your own products are some options for monetising your blog. Perhaps once you’re done with the book, especially if it’s relevant to your niche, can post it here so your audience can reap its benefits plus you get a source of income. 🙂

      • Glad to hear that. All the best. 🙂 If you’re interested in self-development or creative content (poems, stories and such), do visit my blog. All the best with your new direction. Cheers!

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