Bob Dylan – The Ballad of Hollis Brown – lyrics – How he dragged Rock Music into a more serious Adult phase.

The story Telling reminded me of Guthrie.

Opher's World

Rock music, up until 1965, was a teenage music, pure and simple. It avoided all serious subject matter, was focussed on young love, and aimed at an audience of teenagers – with few exceptions.

Bob Dylan, almost single handedly changed all that. Following in the Woody Guthrie tradition, who, in his early development, he based his whole act and persona on, he wrote songs about serious issues – war, civil rights, the rabid right wing John Birch Society, Ku Klux Klan, and racism. He was a Greenwich Village Folk Singer and part of a group who were doing similar serious songs – Buffy St Marie, Phil Ochs and Peter Lafarge. Folk music was a more serious, intellectual music aimed at an older more intelligent, if alternative, audience. The establishment derisively called them Protest Songs. They liked to label things and make them safe. It seemed that Folk and Rock had little in…

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