Bob Dylan – I’s Alright Ma (I’m only Bleeding) – probably the best Dylan track.

Still stands up after all this time. I used to put this on the record player and play it incessantly. It was so biting it sent chills through me.

Opher's World

I always vacillate about which is the best Dylan track ever. Sometimes it is Positively Fourth Street and at others it’s Subterranean Homesick Blues. But then I play another album or two of his and find another track has taken my fancy.

Not that it is important. So many brilliant tracks and it depends on your mood.

Anyway – this is a link to Bob doing a solo version of the track from 1965 at Manchester Free Trade Hall. A magical gig.

It’s Alright Ma (I’m only Bleeding) is one of those tracks that has such scope – life and death, religion, hypocrisy, society and despised careers. It cites the difficulty of trying to stand up and speak your mind about the craziness that is all around. If you put your head over the parapet and try to say something meaningful you are going to get battered by all…

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