800 billion dollars spent on weaponry in the Middle East. Has mankind got its priorities right?

Christine Valentor sent this through in a response to my post on wishes for 2017. It certainly made me think. Thank you Christine.

‘800 billion dollars has been spent on weaponry in the middle east. (Yes BILLION!) Somehow, the US produced it all. Just pulled it out of their back pocket, you know how they do. Miraculous, is it not? And yet, kids in school cannot have desks, heat, air conditioning, text books, safety nor proper food. Not to mention music, art and theater education.’

We live in times of austerity where there is no money for the disabled, for the poor, for schools, social services or the NHS, yet there is a bottomless pit for military force.

800 Billion to blow countries to pieces, send populations migrating, destroy homes, kill children, breed fundamentalism and terrorism and make the world unsafe.

No money for nurses, care workers or schools.

Something has to change. This mentality seems wrong to me.

8 thoughts on “800 billion dollars spent on weaponry in the Middle East. Has mankind got its priorities right?

      1. Exactly so. They are not ‘wired’ right within their hearts, and they live purely for greed and money. They, however, are the minority and WE are the majority. (They the 1%, we the 99.) I am hoping through sharing the information, people will wake up to these alarming statistics.

      2. The internet may turn out to be a very powerful tool for transmitting info, connecting and creating a true democracy. I have hopes. I am optimistic. Build the zeitgeist. Overwhelm that 1% with the force of love and reason. People can be altruistic and caring.

  1. And how much of those huge profits are ever paid in taxes, I wonder? And to think people object on purely chauvinist grounds to the pitiful amounts going to foreign aid … time for some joined-up thinking in 2017, methinks!

    1. One rule for the rich, with their tax havens and accountants, and one rule for everybody else. It is about time we created a fairer more just society and thought more globally.

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