Donald Trump – A major threat to the environment?

Donald Trump may turn out to be a major threat to the world’s environment, putting hundreds of thousands of species under threat, promoting major climate change and putting many communities at risk of such things as flooding, drought, extreme weather, hurricanes, crop failures and starvation. This could result in mass migrations of people and mass extinctions of plants and animals.

President elect Trump claims that manmade climate change is a hoax. He is threatening to pull out of the Paris agreement and reverse the Green Energy programmes. He says that he will promote economic growth by returning to fossil fuel programmes (coal, oil and gas), reopen plants and to hell with the carbon dioxide output or pollution.

He is solely concerned with the economy and jobs. The environment is not an issue.

This runs contrary to all the evidence accumulated on climate change. In the long term it will not only be an environmental and human disaster but also turn into a major crisis for the economy. I cannot help thinking that this is extremely bad news for the whole world.

In a worrying new development his administration has asked for the names of all the people involved in the Green Energy programmes and who have promoted Green Energy and been involved with climate change talks. The fear is of a witch-hunt.

Anyone who is involved with the environment should be anxious. If he goes through with his stated policy change, the USA, instead of leading in the clean up of carbon dioxide, will be greatly increasing its carbon output. This could be a disaster for the world and impact on the whole initiative to prevent global warming and protect the dwindling rainforests and animals.

If there is a continued increase in global temperature, created by human activity through the burning of fossil fuels (as most scientists now believe), it would have a devastating effect on wildlife and human populations. There would be radical changes in weather patterns leading to droughts, heatwaves, floods, desertification, hurricanes and extreme weather, melting of ice-caps, a rise in sea levels, changes in animal and plant distribution, death of corals and sea-life, changes in conditions for crops and have a colossal impact on wildlife and human populations.

For nature, already under extreme attack, this could be catastrophic.

This also does not bode well for other environmental initiatives. It would appear that the environment and wildlife do not feature in the world of Trump. All that matters is money.

Hopefully the experts will convince Mr Trump that he is wrong and the risks are far too great.

Hopefully he will not go through with his withdrawal from environmental agreements and a return to dirty energy.

The world is at stake.

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6 thoughts on “Donald Trump – A major threat to the environment?

  1. Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    Climate Change, while extremely important, is but one reason to fear a Trump administration for there is racial, gender and sexuality abuse which is being encouraged to increase, then there is the nuclear option, for can Trump be trusted with the codes.

    Trump is one total disaster for the world, environmental sustainability and the existence of any living entity.

  2. Did you see the report of the smog crisis in China yesterday? Good grief.
    In one province the authorities apparently attacked demonstrators and in another authorities were caught stuffing cotton wool into the smog alarm systems to block them up so that they didn’t have to shut down anything.
    Perhaps and it’s only my suggestion, but perhaps the Trump administration want to work with the Green Energy people on a positive solution. There must be a way to minimise use of fossil fuels or at least the carbon waste entering the atmosphere. Surely by implementing really sophisticated filtration systems there could be great reductions.

    1. I saw that. It looked terrible. It is why China is going flat out on trying to bring in Green Energy. They are churning out solar panels and wind turbines by the tens of thousands. The trouble with that in the short term is that it probably uses a lot of energy to produce them. The Chinese are extremely lax when it comes to Health and Safety. When my daughter worked in Shanghai on the chemical plants she was very concerned.
      It would be great if Trump did work positively with the Greens to find a solution. It is difficult though. The CO2 can either be stored or processed into carbonate. Both processes are exceedingly expensive. The best solution is to put resources into perfecting better and better solar, wind, tide and geothermal – that and better batteries in order to store the energy in times of glut.
      I’m sure there is a brilliant economic model here. That should entice him to go down that road.
      The really interesting research is looking at artificial chlorophyll to absorb CO2 or genetically modified plants with chlorophyll that works more efficiently. That would be a double whammy – better crops and absorning large amounts of CO2.
      Hopefully when Trump is in position and properly briefed he will find a way of doing something that is economically worthwhile and environmentally good.

  3. Trump has done his usual denial about face in regards to asking who was working on those projects. He’s now saying that was someone in his staff that requested that, not him. Personally I think that’s bull, but if it’s true, he better become a more discerning person about who the hell he hires! Here in Utah the state is giving away solar panels o households that have very high fuel bills in an effort to improve things. We didn’t qualify. We just had a new, efficient furnace installed last winter.

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