6 thoughts on “Polly & the Billets Doux at the Great British Folk Festival – Photos

  1. “Pleasant”. It that polite expression for “I won’t lose any sleep if I never see them again”?
    I’ve seen a number of such combos.

    Managed to get decent tickets for Dylan’s visit here next May, to the 3,000 seat Armadillo. They went on sale Tuesday and sold out immediately.
    At only £85 each. Now being touted online for £285.

    1. Precisely. If they were playing the pub at the top of the road I wouldn’t bother.
      You were lucky getting that ticket. I’d love to see Dylan again. It’s been quite a while.
      I’m expecting the second volume of Chronicles to be out next year! That should be well worth the wait. I think he’s going to do some more radio too.
      I’ll check out where else he’ll be playing and see if there’s anything left. Been a bit preoccupied with this move.

      1. I should say that my tix are not being touted!
        I had a computer guru kid on purchase duty for when they went on sale as Bob normally plays the 10,000 capacity hall, so demand was immediately 3 times more.

        Sometimes it’s worth just turning up at a venue and asking around as certainly not all folks with spare tix are looking to shaft others.

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