Moving house – the saga!

Well we are in our new house.

We arrived without internet or phone and discovered our cell phone doesn’t work here either. Sod’s law. Our TV didn’t work, radiators weren’t on upstairs and we had the coldest day of the year.

With a thousand people to contact it was all very difficult and predictable. I read the glossy pamphlet from BT assuring a painless seamless conversion.

We have been unpacking, investigating, constructing beds, moving furniture, putting down carpets, finding how things work and trying to contact people. Things don’t fit. The layout is different. Some places are too big and others too small. Gradually we are finding places for things.

The line fault was rectified giving us telephone and internet. Beds are all built, lots of boxes unpacked, heating partially on, and there is still a long, long way to go.

But the change has happened. In a week or two we will hit a new normality!! We hope!!

18 thoughts on “Moving house – the saga!

  1. Did you actually tear up your old carpets and take them with you to the new place?
    You’re kidding, right? You’ve just got to be kidding!

    Didn’t you have a floor plan with dimensions for your new place way ahead of your move and ample time to measure up and plot an outlay plan for the new place?
    Why the hell didn’t you have the boiler and central heating system completely serviced as part of the purchase deal? That’s elementary.
    I fear you ignored the 5 P’s again!

    1. No – we had carpet squares on top of the fitted carpets. We left the fitted carpets. We took our carpet squares plus had to carpet one room.

      We did do ample measuring but it is only with actual sight that you can get the full measure of the aesthetics.
      Had the boiler checked – made assumptions about the radiators! I was more concerned with moving my CDs and LPs.

      1. I second guessed on the carpets – it was just the way you wrote it – where I’d first thought, no surely not!

        And I’ll bet the wife’s priorities may differ …
        But as long as the records are comfortable, you can sit and shiver in bed with the satisfaction of job done!

      2. For some obscure reason Liz does not appreciate that the priority is to get the albums and CDs housed and happy and the sound system operation. She is more obsessed with sorting kitchen and bedrooms and preparing for Christmas when the family gathers! Talk about getting your priorities wrong!
        Right now the music is safe but not properly set up! Much work needs to be done on my room! But for the sake of marital harmony I am presently allowing myself to be directed.

  2. If the boiler is working ok it sounds like the rads need bleeding. Do you know how to do this? I have a large stock of Karndean vinyl flooring that looks like wood. Check Karndean flooring out on the net. It looks good and is easy to clean. Surely you have a portable cd player. Liz has her priorities right. Eating and sleeping are essentials.

  3. Nothing like a move for shaking one out of one’s long-established comfort zone. You’re quite right to concern yourself with the aesthetic environment, after all, man – or woman – can live by bread alone!

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