A Passion for Education – the story of outstanding students in an exemptional school.

I spent thirty six years as a secondary school teacher in Yorkshire with one year in Los Angeles teaching in Norwalk.

Of that time 12 years were spent in the Senior Team and five years as a Headteacher. I brought my own philosophy to bear. I valued each child and believed that our task was not only to enable them to reach their potential academically but to develop as creative, thoughtful, caring, empathic, questioning individuals. In the process I guided my school to three successive Outstanding Ofsted Inspections and created a community that was supportive and happy.

This is the story. It is not an education book.


 This book is dedicated to Tony Marsh – good friend and teacher.

To my wife Liz for all her diligent editing and the love

To Pete Smith – who shares the vision.

To Sean Smith – a friend and colleague

To Mr. Tranter (Rydens circa 1966) who inspired me.

To all those other great teachers I have worked with who inspire others!

To all the students I taught in the course of a long career – You made it all worthwhile.

This book is also dedicated to my children and grandchildren. They represent the future. When I see them I know the world is in good hands.

My hope is that the generations to come will be better than us. That’s the way it should be.

That is the power of education.

Long may we continue to build a better world through education!

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2 thoughts on “A Passion for Education – the story of outstanding students in an exemptional school.

  1. I bet you would have been an inspirational teacher and the students loved you ! I can recall 2 teachers who were awesome and left a permanent imprint on me. One was a maths teacher. I hated maths but he made it fun and understandable. Sadly I only had him for 1 year 😦 The other was an English teacher. He inspired my creativity and taught me to love poetry – he made it understandable. His legacy? To this day I have a passion for Gerard Manly Hopkins’ works.

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