537 Essential Rock Albums pt. 18

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171. AC/DC – Let there be rock

AC/DC came out of Australia with their brand of High Powered Heavy Metal. The loud heavy riffs and driving music guaranteed them an enthusiastic audience of young males.

Their stage act was really wild with Angus Young dressed up as a school kid in shorts, blazer, tie and cap. He was not quite the type of school kid you’d want your son to be. It was all very macho stuff with a strong sexist attitude expressed on some of the tracks.

Their first albums ‘High Voltage’ and ‘TNT’ set the pace. ‘Let there be Rock’ was their fourth album and developed the themes even more. The title track ‘Let there be Rock’ summarised the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll into an almost biblical setting – let there be drums, let there be guitar – let there be Rock – The heavy power chords…

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14 thoughts on “537 Essential Rock Albums pt. 18

  1. I could listen to AC/DC! I certainly couldn’t with all that early 80s heavy metal nonsense that was going around – Def Leppard and Iron Maiden stuff. I hated all that is was so awful.

      1. Not half. KISS! What was that about?
        Everything that was any good about Hard Rock (and what extended into Heavy Metal) was British, exception being one US band – Montrose.

      2. I was trying hard to think of a good American one but nothing came to mind. There has to be one somewhere.
        I’m not familiar with Montrose but Rainer arrived today. I’m in the middle of my move – too exhausted to play much.

      3. Guitar player was Ronnie Montrose, previously with Van Morrison and somewhat constrained. He really let loose with his own band.

  2. I like that song Legs by zz top, gets me pumped. How have you been Opher, its been a while. I’ve got a couple stories that need your feedback. Please let me know what you think of Miss Scarlet and The Empty Voter. Your opinion matters

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