Loudhailer Electric Company – Cursus – Review in Hull Coin Magazine.


I was first introduced to the Loudhailer Electric Company at a gathering in a quaint dark venue. It was the perfect location, for the band of five personalities can light up any room, any space, with a multitude of vibrant colours.And I do not simply refer to guitarist Jeff Parsons’ wardrobe choices…


Words | Nix Chidlow – @ColourMeNix

Their album ‘Cursus’ is a compendium of psychedelic sounds which tap into the folk and rock genres, driven by hugely talented and passionate musicians.

The opening track is simply perfection. Out To Sea is a welcoming nod to tap your feet and join in with the band. A heavy guitar introduction, opening the album with a classic rock ballad sound and catchy lyrics. There is instantaneous foot-tapping and an overwhelming desire to clap along or click your fingers in time with the layers of drums, guitars and violin.

This is what had me hooked so quickly on the essence of Loudhailer Electric Company, and which draws me back – no hesitation – to their album launch, hosted in that same dark venue of Kardomah94. The 12th November will surely be a cold one, but inside this venue we will be warmed by their bright sounds and captivating personalities.

Such tracks as On The Run and Just Like Real Life ignite movement even in the coldest bones, drawing you in with fast-paced tunes.

One of my favourite tracks – Sing-Sing For Everything – flows in exactly this manner. Drums and guitar work together to create another opening thick with energy. Lou and Rich Duffy-Howard’s voices bounce from one to the other, performing a poetic word battle. Rich’s smooth tones are a river of blues, greys and deep velvets, while Lou’s interjections are fiery red and yellows, swirling together as they lead into the choruses you’ll find yourself singing along to. All of this cradled in the rhythm of the instruments. I can already picture the room swaying with the words as they bounce from one wall to the other, coming together as one to sing-sing along.

The fifth track, Aftermath, is darker, delving deeper into the rock sound. I don’t find myself tapping my feet or nodding my head to this track, instead drifting into the lyrics. I’m mesmerised by the guitars which are layered upon each other. It’s a beautifully poetic track which embodies the stunning sounds of a psychedelic band; I’m hypnotised with each instrument and transported from my kitchen, my living room, the bus I sit on to a place I struggle to grasp with any sense of solidity.

It is the final track of the album which I truly hope they perform at the launch. The longest track on the album, Night Heron stretches out longer than nine minutes. Lou invites us to go on a trip, vocalising the scene while the violin and guitars set in place a misty atmosphere. Again, I find myself transported: from a cold night in November to a lakeside where you catch sight of the Night Heron.

For your chance to take this trip with Loudhailer Electric Company, go online to HullBoxOffice.com or pop into Kardomah94 to pick up your tickets.

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