Poetry – The Nudge – a poem about the civilising influence of women.

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The Nudge

Fortunately women are civilising influences. Left to my own devices I’d probably be extremely uncouth. Yet it is a little restricting to find oneself pulled up for every imaginary social faux pas.

I guess our awareness levels are set at different levels.


The Nudge

Sometimes my life is one long nudge.

For every yawn, scratch or words not said right

There is a nudge.

It could be a nudge of judgement, a nudge of shock,

Or of annoyance, irritation, embarrassment or warning.

Sometimes it is a nudge of disbelief

That I should be so uncouth

Rude or thoughtless ………

And never learn.

There is a bruise of shame

On my biceps and ribs

That sometimes still fails to penetrate my brain.

Thank heavens we do not possess telepathy.

A nudge in the cerebrum might jar my synapses

Into making sense.


Opher 12.10.2016


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