Loudon Wainwright – A Hard day on the Planet – a song with bite

This is the sort of thing I like about Loudon. There’s a nice humour running through it. I like songs that say something.


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  1. A passion for Education – A Headteacher’s story – The inside story of how to teach our children properly.


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6 thoughts on “Loudon Wainwright – A Hard day on the Planet – a song with bite

  1. I just recently started listening to Loudon Wainwright and I already love his music. I had only heard “Therapy” and “I Wish I Was A Lesbian” so far but this song is definitely amazing too!! 🙂

  2. I liked him in that one movie big fish, and also the expatriate song he has is one of my al time favorites !! I’m pretty sure it was him…

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